Elizabeth Warren Goes BATSHIT CRAZY On Donald Trump

elizabeth warren

Friday Night, Donald Trump sent out two tweets poking fun at Elizabeth Warren.

They were mean tweets (which Donald Trump tweets aren’t, really?). He called her goofy and “Hillary Clinton’s flunky” and questioned whether or not she really is Native American, which she repeatedly claims.

Ok … they weren’t nice, but that’s what Donald Trump does. He gives people insulting nicknames and berates them on Twitter. Nobody gets a pass. Everyone’s a target.

But for some reason, the New Hampshire Senator really didn’t like that. She went batshit crazy and sent almost a dozen tweets in eight minutes back to Trump. Here they are in chronological order.

Boy! Donald really got under her skin, didn’t he? That’s some awesome Twitter-tirade from the dear senator.

And Trump noticed:

Hold on, folks … the next six months is going to be very interesting.