What Elizabeth Warren Just Did Has Many Questioning Her Sanity

As a general rule of thumb, whenever the Left declares a politician exceptional, you can pretty much guarantee his or her most exceptional quality will be a heightened capacity to make a complete fool out of himself or herself.

On Monday, New York Democrat Senator Kristen Gillibrand demanded an investigation into whether President Donald Trump sexually harassed or assaulted women:

The president, naturally, tweeted a retaliation today in true Trumpian fashion:

Now, Democrats are attacking Trump and Trump is punching back on pretty much any day ending in Y, so ordinarily this wouldn’t be anything particularly notable…but then Elizabeth Warren had to get involved.

The Massachusetts Democrat Senator (and noted fake Native American) intervened with a tweet comprised mostly of meaningless posturing, a disgustingly self-serving hashtag that frames herself as a hero for slandering Attorney General Jeff Sessions as a racist…and one very curious phrase.

“Slut-shame”? Back up. Where did that come from?

Apparently the theory — and the word “theory” is honestly too charitable for this idiocy — is that by “do anything for them,” Trump was implying Gillibrand was willing to perform sexual favors in exchange for campaign contributions.

Yes, this is the level of stupidity American politics circa 2017 has reached — a level of stupidity, in fact, that Warren doubled down on when challenged:

To any sane person, it would be obvious that Trump was insinuating Gillibrand is the sort who would sell out her policy positions to special interests, not that she slept around for money. The former is a pretty apt assessment in Gillibrand’s case, too — after all, this is the same politician who not too long ago flip-flopped on her decades of shilling for noted sexual predator and disgraced former President Bill Clinton for no other reason than that her movement had decided the Clintons had outlived their political usefulness.

Not only is this obviously a non-sexual, gender-neutral attack, but Trump has been deploying it against male and female foes alike throughout his political career (hat tip to Ben Shapiro and The Daily Wire for the last example):

Indeed, “sellout to special interest” should have been the first thing that came to any halfway-competent observer’s mind, for the simple fact that Trump made his claimed immunity to special interests one of his mane talking points from the beginning of his presidential campaign.

The fact that Warren’s mind jumped straight to inferring “whore” goes to show that she simply isn’t very bright, that she’s fanatically committed to perpetuating a dishonest narratives using any tiny sliver of opportunity she can find, or (most likely) a combination of the two.

Oh, and White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders had no interest in indulging the press corps’ crap on this non-scandal today. The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Reporter April Ryan asked if Gillibrand was owed an apology for any “misunderstanding” of the tweet, since many looked at it as sexual in nature.

“I think only if your mind is in the gutter would you have read it that way, so no,” Sanders said.

“No, it’s not,” Ryan said. “What he said was open and it was not—”

“He was obviously talking about political, partisan games, that people often play, and the broken system that he’s talked about repeatedly,” Sanders said. “This isn’t new. This isn’t a new sentiment. This isn’t new terminology. He’s used it several times before.”

What do you think? How long before Elizabeth Warren tops this bit of madness? Sound off below!