Entire “Elite” University TRIGGERED by Photo of Student Meeting Vice President

Have we reached Peak Snowflake? I hesitate to say yes because the Left always finds a way to outdo itself, but this one probably won’t be topped for a while.

The Daily Caller reports that McKenzie Deutsch, a student at the elite, private Scripps College in California, accidentally set off a campus meltdown by posting to Facebook a picture from her summer internship with Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA).

What outrage did the photo depict to elicit such a response? A crime scene? Religious slur? White power rally? Vulgar meme?

Nope. Apparently all you need to do to trigger college liberals these days is take a photo with the Vice President of the United States:

“I don’t know if you understand that Pence want me and the people I love to be erased by any means possible. I don’t know how to express to you how it feels to see a fellow Scrippsie in this photo with someone who has shown himself so willing to commit institutional violence,” one angry student wrote under Deutsch’s photo with Pence.

“Posing next to someone who is a direct threat to LGBT+ groups and other marginalized communities and posting this photo with a pleasant caption is not a politically neutral act,” the student declared. “It shows you as a person who smiles with our oppressors for the sake of a photo op.”

Another student said the photo of Pence — snapped 2,636 miles away in Washington, D.C. — made her feel “unsafe.”

“To post this photo with pride is to make LGBTQ+ folks feel unsafe, as Pence has incredibly violent, homophobic views,” the student wrote, adding that she was “shocked at the continued inability to listen to marginalized people about the impact of this picture on us.”

A third student was downright hostile.

“Hmmmmm how many lgbtq folks do you need to help send to conversion therapy in exchange for reproductive rights from Pence?” the student asked.

Then she added: “Bitch.”

Seriously? It’s a hate crime to be happy about meeting one of the country’s top leaders? Mike Pence is threatening because he takes the same position on same-sex marriage Barack Obama pretended to hold for most of his first term? Students paying almost 70 grand a year for an education don’t even know what the words “violent” and “oppression” mean?

One wonders how these geniuses would react if students attacked one of them for a photo-op with a president who promoted literal violence against innocents

Conservatives are absolutely made of sterner stuff than this. I went to Hillsdale College, one of America’s most conservative schools, and I can say with absolute certainty that a student who took a photo with Joe Biden would not get anything like this reaction. Heck, many of the conservative students themselves would be more than happy to meet the previous president or vice president — not because they liked either man at all, but because of the opportunity to see any historical figure that important up close.

In fact, I was part of the campus Students for Life chapter’s trip to the Washington DC March for Life one year. At one point the night before, our bus had to stop for Obama’s motorcade to pass by. Despite being there because we intensely opposed Obama’s vile pro-abortion values, we thought that momentarily getting that close to the leader of the free world was pretty cool.

Deutsch responded to the uproar with a piece in the student-run Claremont Independent newspaper:

How will we ever be able to have adult conversations if no one is ever willing to listen to those who have opposing philosophies? How can we coexist when we write off our political opponents—as well as those who dare to take photos with them—as morally bankrupt?

A mere “I saw you got to meet the Vice-President; what was that like?” to begin a friendly conversation would have been enough—or simply saying nothing at all. But instead, my peers thought the best way to respond was to confront, accuse, and lecture.

‘Nuff said.

H/T: Zero Hedge