EPIC Hypocrisy Of Elizabeth Warren Brutally Exposed


From Regan Pifer:

Wow. Democrats are giving Whoopi Goldberg a run for her money on the dumbest thing anyone could ever say (You be the judge and let us know what is worse!).

So there’s a drug problem in the United States, specifically opioids; that’s no news.

But what is news is how some Democrats propose ending the drug problem.

I’ll give you one guess.

Yup. Taxes.

According to The Daily Caller, some New England Democrats “introduced a proposal to place a fee on opioid prescriptions with the revenue going to combat rampant painkiller and heroin addiction across the U.S.”

You read that right: individuals who secure their prescription drugs legally must pay a tax to combat illegal drug usage throughout the United States.


I’ll give you more details–not to suggest that will clear up your confusion, but it will increase your frustration:

Sen. Chris Murphy and Sen. Richard Blumenthal from Connecticut, a state hit hard by increases in drug overdoses, are calling for a one-cent per-milligram tax to be added to prescriptions for opiate-based painkillers. The revenue will go towards addiction treatment programs and other federal efforts to stem rising heroin abuse. The bill, dubbed the LifeBOAT Act, contains rebates for cancer patients or those in hospice care. The fee will not apply to opioid medications used in addiction treatment programs, reports the Hartford Courant.

The bill already has a number of sponsors, including, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and is being reviewed by the Department of Health and Human Services on how it may impact patients and the price of medications.

“We have to start thinking out of the box in terms of getting the necessary funding to combat this crisis,” Murphy told the Hartford Courant Thursday. “There are a lot of prescriptions out there, so this tiny fee, when you apply it to every pain medication, ultimately garners a billion a year.”

That is “thinking out of the box” alright–taxing individuals who rely on legally, prescribed morphine to ease the pain of their medical condition in order to pay for the rehab of addicts who secured illegal drugs for recreational purposes.

I’m as confused as you are.

Next thing you know, Democrats will place a tax on chemotherapy to end drug trafficking–or knee replacements to end gang shootings.