EXACTLY: What The Democratic Party REALLY Stands For

Democrats #Resistance is a Slow Motion Coup d’Etat; Creating Major Crisis — by Robert Gehl

The swirling and churning “#Resistance” to President Donald Trump is begging a far greater threat to our democratic republic than anything Trump himself has done so far.

That’s the growing consensus of people on the right – people who might nominally be classified as “#NeverTrumpers,” yet are unwilling to dive onto the pirate ship of anarchists, leftists and “progressives” who are looking to undermine this Administration.

The simple refusal by Democrats and other #NeverTrumpers to accept the results of last year’s election is close to creating a constitutional crisis the likes of which we haven’t seen in generations.

There are myriad examples:

  • The attempt by the outgoing director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to install Laura English as interim director despite the objections of the Trump Administration, which controls that appointment
  • The increasing acknowledgement that the Mueller investigation has strayed so far beyond alleged “Russian interference” into anything they can dig up in the political boneyard
  • The pre-inauguration attempts to coerce, threaten, beg and intimidate presidential electors into tossing aside the election results and cast their vote for Hillary Clinton
  • The unprecedented delay tactics used by Democrats to confirm Trump’s nominees and his ability to control the federal bureaucracy
  • The bizarre rogue elements in the FBI and other agencies to leak any and all information detrimental to the administration
  • And on and on.
  • The attempts to thwart the Trump administration at every turn is never-ending – and there’s no end in sight.

As Legal Insurrection’s William Jacobson writes, it’s a creeping coup d’état, and it’s terribly dangerous.

Permitting the peaceful transition of government power from one administration to another is essential to our democracy.

Whether or not you like Donald Trump, or voted for him, acknowledging he has the legal and moral authority to govern, based on the long-held “legitimacy by process” standard, is central to how our country functions.

Georgetown Law professor Randy Barnett is equally concerned, Tweeting last week that “Democrats’ #Resistance is creating a genuine constitutional crisis in which governmental power is not allowed by them to be peacefully transferred after a lawful election. The potential for escalation is very very dangerous.”

In today’s political climate, you’re either “pro-Trump,” or “NeverTrump.” There’s no room for any other option.

But it’s possible, isn’t it, to not be supportive of President Trump while realizing that the masses opposing him present more of a danger to our system of government than Trump ever did?

Does anyone really think that these leftists and anarchists who feign concern about the Trump Administration would truly be concerned if they weren’t viscerally opposed to the man and his campaign from day one?

Jacobson wrote last year: “Do you really think that Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, an Elector demanding a CIA briefing to vet the accusations against Trump, actually and honestly believes anything other than that she never wanted Trump to be president?

“It’s one thing to say that allegations of foreign tampering should be thoroughly investigated. They should. But it’s quite a different thing to use that alleged tampering to overturn elections.”

You don’t need to be “pro-Trump” to recognize the constitutional crisis created by the horde of “NeverTrumpers.”