Exit Polls: It Was ALL About Making America Great Again

American Flag

Donald Trump did not win the election Tuesday night because America is a racist, anti-immigrant country.

Don’t believe me? Here’s the proof:

In 2012, with Barack Obama facing off against Mitt Romney, Romney got seven percent of the African American vote. On Tuesday, Donald Trump got eight. More blacks voted for Donald Trump than Mitt Romney.

In 2012, 27 percent of Latinos voted for Mitt Romney, 71 percent for Barack Obama.

On Tuesday, 29 percent of Latinos voted for Mitt Romney.

Hillary Clinton also failed to capture nearly as many votes from “millennials” as Barack Obama. She won 54 percent of voters 18-29 compared to 37 percent for Trump.

In 2012, 60 percent of those voters went for Barack Obama.

So if your leftist friends (if they’re still talking to you) say that Donald Trump only won because “racist white supremacists” came out and voted for him, remind them (calmly) that he did better with minorities and young people than Mitt Romney.

The exit polling shows that the economy – not race – was what decided this election.

From Brietbart, here are some results from the exit polls that show that people were more concerned with the direction of America than anything else:

The poll of more than 10,000 people who have already cast their ballots in the presidential election showed a majority of voters are worried about their ability to get ahead and have little confidence in political parties or the media to improve their situation. A majority also feel that the economy is rigged to mostly help the wealthy.

– 75 percent agree that “America needs a strong leader to take the country back from the rich and powerful.”

– 72 percent agree “the American economy is rigged to advantage the rich and powerful.”

– 68 percent agree that “traditional parties and politicians don’t care about people like me.”

– 76 percent believe “the mainstream media is more interested in making money than telling the truth.”

So it wasn’t about race, or religion, or ethnicity… It wasn’t even about immigration as it was about Making America Great Again.

So tell your liberal friends they’re wrong about why Donald Trump won.

Then tell them to go pound sand.