EXPOSED: The HARD TRUTH About Gun Control Supporters [Meme]

Regan Pifer reports that What the world…needs now…is sense, common sense.

It’s the ONLY thing there is just TOO little of.

[Let us all sing together now!]

We should be singing this and reminding our fellow Americans [daily] not to lose said common sense in the midst of their grief after the Las Vegas shootings.

Liberals, anti-gun crazies are calling for all the restrictions, bans, and background checks; even though none of the things they are proposing can actually stop these kinds of tragedies.

The craziest of crazies want to ban guns altogether because…after all, it IS the gun that killed all of those individuals.

[Because, after all, the gun loaded itself, aimed, and pulled its own trigger.]

But the most recent discussion has centered on the banning of particular accessories and attachments that make guns more “lethal.”

Thankfully, we have a few sane individuals in the world like Trey Gowdy to evangelize the lost, naive, ignorant ( and can I just call them plain stupid?) liberals.

According to Louder with Crowder, Gowdy reacted to the push for more restriction legislation:

“We already have controls on what kind of guns you can have, where you can have them, when you can use them and what individuals can possess even a single bullet. So the question to me is whether or not current controls are adequate and there are two fundamental questions that you should put your finger on. What law had it existed at the time would have prevented this mass killing or another mass killing. What law, but for its lack of implementation could have prevented this. That’s one question. The other question is, among all the panoply of current gun laws, how are we doing enforcing them?”

Can I get an ‘Amen’ for Gowdy?

If previous laws haven’t prevented these types of horrific shootings, bouts of violence, questions and confusion among citizens…how are MORE laws going to prevent these types of horrific shootings and bouts of violence? I just don’t understand.

You wouldn’t pack a patient with more of the same drugs if the initial prescription didn’t work. Right?

You wouldn’t purchase the same meal at a restaurant if it did not satisfy you. Right?

So we need to enforce these laws. Fine, we can agree on enforcing the laws already on the books.

Let us spend time on the enforcement of the law and not the creation of more laws (which may not end up being enforced anyways). Then, we can actually see if THOSE laws work before we waste our time, energy, and money creating more laws…that don’t work, don’t dissuade.

As Gowdy mentioned in his interview, there is no explanation for this level of depravity. Untold numbers of people are in terrible debt. They don’t kill people.

Hundreds of thousands had a bad childhood. They don’t kill people.

Millions upon millions of people own guns. THOSE individuals do not kill people.

Liberals need to wake up and understand that there are no unicorns, cupcakes do have calories, and there is evil in this world. Simple institutional arrangements are not going to abrogate the evil that humans have in their hearts.

Instead of hiding under a rock or pretending all a terrorist needs is a hug, we need to do all we can to protect ourselves from domestic and foreign terrorism…and impotent liberal legislation.

Am I right?