Facebook’s New Arbiter Of ‘Fake News’ Can’t Contain Her Hatred For Trump


Campbell Brown can barely contain her hatred for Donald Trump.

Well, she doesn’t contain it. She lets it rage and seethe on social media.

Brown is a journalist – or used to be a journalist. Or she called herself a journalist. Or something. Because whatever objectivity comes with the title of “journalist” certainly doesn’t apply for Brown.

This is the person that Facebook has tapped to decide what is “fake news” and what is “real news.”

The social media giant announced the former NBC and CNN correspondent will lead their “news partnership” team. Since Facebook has been hammered for “giving too much prominence to fake news,” as The New York Times puts it, Brown will ostensibly be allowed to make the decision what is “fake” and what isn’t.

So let’s take a look at where Ms. Brown’s politics lie.

Here are just a couple “tweets” where Brown lets her hatred for Trump flow freely:

Brown is married to Dan Senor, a conservative who most recently was a senior advisor for Mitt Romney in 2012. He is a #NeverTrumper, hence the last tweet.

Back in April, when CNN had a Town Hall with Trump, Brown blasted her former network for having a “horrifying lovefest” with the now-President-Elect.

Since she left CNN, she has headed a non-profit, pro-education site called “The 74.” Named after the estimated 74 million Americans under 18, it focuses on education news and issues.

Interestingly, Trump’s pick for education secretary, actually donated money to Brown’s site, The Intercept reports.

They report that Brown has “close ties” to Trump and wouldn’t be a liberal shill deciding “fake news” for Facebook.

But with Tweets like this, we will have to wait and see:

H/T: The Daily Caller