‘Fact -Checking’ Website Snopes Gets Facts Wrong Trying To Debunk Planned Parenthood Claim

Image: SnackSafely.com

Image: SnackSafely.com

The so-called “fact-checking” website Snopes managed to get the facts wrong when trying to debunk claims that Planned Parenthood has abortion quotas that their clinics have to meet.

The pro-life group Live Action posted an interview with two former employees of Planned Parenthood. One of them, Sue Thayer, who is openly pro-life, said every clinic has a “goal” and that employees were rewarded with incentives for meeting the abortion goals.

Planned Parenthood’s abortion services make up a significant portion of their non-government revenue business. There are no such incentives for non-abortion services, Thayer said.

Another employee confirmed Thayer’s account, saying she was told “You have a quota to meet to keep this clinic open.”

As further evidence, they provided an award for a clinic that exceeded the number of “abortion visits” year over year. Employees were given a pizza party if they managed to give more abortions than the previous year.


Despite this, Snopes rated the claim “unproven.” The article’s author, who is “openly left leaning,” dismissed the claims of the two former employees.

As some sort of evidence, Kim LaCapria cited a “failed” lawsuit that Thayer brought against Planned Parenthood for Medicaid fraud. But the lawsuit wasn’t “failed.” It’s still ongoing, The Daily Caller reports.

It’s true that a federal district court dismissed Thayer’s lawsuit in 2012, but the district court’s decision was reversed in part by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals in 2014, sending what Thayer’s attorney called the “most significant” portions of the case back to the district court.

LaCapria parroted information from Planned Parenthood saying the Eighth Circut “dismissed the case.” But that is — at best — half true, as the appellate court sided against Planned Parenthood in other aspects of the case.

“We are back in the district court litigating this Medicaid fraud case against Planned Parenthood,” said Thayer’s attorney, Casey Mattox of Alliance Defending Freedom.

Snopes did not contact the group Live Action before running their “fact check” article that is “riddled with inaccuracies,” Live Action’s Brian Gottstein said.

“Rather than addressing the actual claim of quotas, LaCapria questions the character of the former Planned Parenthood staffers because they were ambivalent about abortion, even while working for the abortion corporation,” a Live Action post reads.

“LaCapria goes after former Planned Parenthood manager Sue Thayer, painting her as a disgruntled employee. What that has to do with the claim that Planned Parenthood has abortion quotas or gives rewards to staff members who sell the procedure is uncertain.”