Fake News Story Claiming Fox News Star Died In Crash Goes Viral

You would think there would be fewer fake news stories now that so many have come to the attention of the country.

Unfortunately, aside from a lot of fake news about President Trump in the mainstream media, there are still sites out there that promulgate horrible news that simply isn’t true. From Western Journalism:

An astonishing hoax took over social media during the weekend, leading a number of Americans to falsely believe that Fox News host Tucker Carlson had died from injuries sustained during an automobile accident.

A follow-up story published the next morning announced that Carlson had “succumbed to his injuries and died overnight after being hit head-on while driving home.”

The story goes on to claim that Carlson’s death had something to do with Hillary Clinton and James Comey. To make matters even worse, the story went viral on the interwebs as people shared without bothering to verify if the story were even remotely true.


Of course, it wasn’t.

Carlson hasn’t bothered responding to the ridiculous story yet, but imagine being a family member and seeing that jump across your computer screen? Yikes!

It just goes to show how incredibly susceptible to fake news Americans really are. It’s their own fault for not verifying things first, but the fact that so many shared this story without checking also shows just how lazy people are when it comes to seeking out the truth.