Farmer Plows Brutal Message For The NFL in His Field [PICTURE]

The American people’s outrage at the National Football League for rallying behind anti-America, anti-police football players isn’t dying down anytime soon, and they continue to find powerful and creative ways to make their voices heard. One American farmer has done exactly that.

Fox News reports that a 77-year-old North Dakota farmer by the name of Gene Hanson decided on a simple message and an impossible-to-miss method of relaying it: his bean crop field.

Hanson plowed the phrase “We stand for the National Anthem” into the field, where it spanned the length of two football fields.

“If you want to protest, that’s [the National Anthem at the beginning of football games] not the place to do it,” Hanson explained, echoing the sentiments of millions of now-former NFL fans. “A lot of people died over our flag. We’re able to voice our opinion because of it. If you’re going to show respect for anything, do it for the national anthem.”

Here’s a picture of the message, provided to Fox News by Mr. Hanson:

Fox’s report goes on to offer some background on Hanson, and the impressively low-tech way he goes about making his messages:

Hanson has a track record of designing and digging massive messages – many political – using his old Massey tractor on his 850-acre farm.

And Hanson doesn’t use GPS or any technology for the work, which he says “works out pretty good in a harvested bean field.”

Then he flies his two-seater plane, and if his design passes the test, he snaps a pic with a Cannon camera and posts it on Facebook. He said he’s only been unsuccessful twice.

Hanson told Fox News he got his “We Stand for the National Anthem” message right on the second try. During the first attempt, he was interrupted by a passerby with only two letters to go. He soon relocated to another section of the field.

Hanson said he initially wanted to add an addendum — “We kneel at the cross” — but the plan was foiled by the first frost of the season.

Hanson said, weather permitting, he plans to add that phrase soon.

Previous messages adorning Hanson’s field include “Drain the Swamp,” “Blue Lives Matter,” “Feel the Bern,” “GOP, get your act together,” “Vote Trump,” “Never Hillary,” and one non-political display: the unpronounceable symbol that eccentric pop music legend Prince once changed his name to, plowed into Hanson’s field as a tribute upon the singer’s death last April.

Hanson is a proud churchgoing Republican and supporter of Donald Trump, and says he had the opportunity to meet the president at a North Dakota event last month.

Ordinary, hard-working, passionate patriots like Gene Hanson are the heart of pro football’s audience. Perhaps the most incredible thing about this whole kneeling controversy is not the bias or the dishonesty of it all, but the sheer stupidity it took to not predict that digging in their heels on a protest of the National Anthem could have possibly gone well for them.

What do you think of this story? What messages would you like to see in Gene Hanson’s field next? Sound off below!