FBI Documents Just Released In Las Vegas Shooting Blow The Case Wide Open

It’s taking a long time, but the investigation into the Las Vegas shooter is finally revealing some answers.

Fox News reports that the girlfriend of shooter Stephen Paddock said police would probably find her fingerprints all over some of his ammunition because she sometimes helped him load his weapons.

In unsealed court documents, officials said there was no evidence of “criminal involvement” by girlfriend Marilu Danley. In the document, dated Oct. 3, prosecutors were still trying to get into the email, Facebook and Instagram accounts of Danley, who was in the Philippines during the Oct. 1 shooting.

Paddock opened fire above a country music festival on the Las Vegas strip, killing 58 people and injuring hundreds more.

The unsealed documents also revealed emails that Paddock sent about purchasing rifles and “bump stocks” a few months before carrying out the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history. He reportedly used the “bump stocks” on his guns, allowing a semi-automatic rifle to fire almost as quickly as a fully-automatic one.

The documents said Paddock had received an email from a Gmail account in July encouraging him to try an AR-style rifle before buying one. “We have huge selection” in the Las Vegas area, the email allegedly noted.

Paddock wrote back that he wanted to try several scopes and different types of ammunition. An email in response suggested trying a bump stock on the rifle with a 100-round magazine.

Strangely, Paddock’s email address and the Gmail address had similar names, leading investigators to suspect that he may have been emailing himself, although they couldn’t figure out why.

Authorities knew that Paddock had left behind big caches of guns, ammunition and explosives when they sought warrants to search his properties and online accounts, according to the documents.

Las Vegas Police Officer Aden Ocampo Gomez and FBI spokeswoman Sandra Breault said Friday that they had no update about Paddock’s motive and the investigation continues.

The last major update on the case was back in early November, when it was learned that Paddock – who was quite wealthy – was on a losing streak and gambling as much as $30,000 per day. Time reported:

Paddock also appears to have been quite wealthy, which is unusual for mass shooters. Madfis’s research indicates that “downward mobility” seems to be one of the factors that drives disturbed individuals toward senseless acts of violence, theorizing that “the performance of a violent massacre provides an illegitimate opportunity for entitled white men to regain lost status and forge a powerful, successful, masculine identity through infamy” […]

His brother said that Stephen Paddock made some $2 million when the two sold their real estate business a few years ago. And just before the massacre, he wired $100,000 to his girlfriend, Marilou Danley, in the Philippines, a transaction investigators are still attempting to explain.

Paddock had two planes, owned multiple homes, and regularly dropped tens of thousands of dollars in Vegas casinos, according to recent reports. His shocking collections of guns and ammunition alone may have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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