Reasons We No Longer Trust The FBI #6137; “Gun Stolen by Stripper”

Trust in federal law enforcement agencies is tepid right now, agencies like the Secret Service most notably. But the FBI is certainly not doing itself any favors right now to keep its name reputable in the public eye.

The Secret Service has been caught up in scandals with prostitutes and other horribly immoral behavior while at home and overseas, and it appears that the FBI has also now been affected by the same disease of corruption.

The New York Times reports that an FBI counterterrorism supervisor engaged in a night of drinking and debauchery that led to the woman whom he was with stealing his duty gun.

Robert Manson, a unit chief in the F.B.I.’s international terrorism section, along with other FBI agents had hired “exotic dancers” at a hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina in July. Manson drank heavily that night, only to find the next day that the strippers had stolen his Glock 27 service weapon, a $6,000 Rolex watch, and $60 in cash.

Manson is now under internal investigation, and the agency is rather humiliated due to his conduct.

The episode is an embarrassing mishap for the F.B.I. As a unit chief assigned to the bureau’s headquarters, Mr. Manson oversees all terrorism investigations in the Midwest and the Carolinas. An F.B.I. spokesman, Michael P. Kortan, said the incident was the subject of an internal investigation and declined to give additional comment.

Mr. Manson and other senior agents were in Charlotte for training, according to a law enforcement official familiar with the episode. The agents later told the police that they had been drinking with women who said they were exotic dancers, according to a second person who was briefed on the investigation but, like the first, was not authorized to discuss it publicly.

The police report details the property stolen, and the timeline.

At 6:30 the next morning, police officers for the department were called to the hotel. Mr. Manson was incapacitated because of alcohol, according to the police report, which he did not file himself. A fellow agent, Kevin Thuman, gave the report, which says the theft happened from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. The hotel bar closes at 2 a.m.

“Investigators determined that the victim, Robert Manson, met a woman in the hotel bar the prior night and took her back to his hotel room,” Robert Tufano, a spokesman for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, said in a statement.

Thus far, no arrests have been made, and the gun has not been recovered. So some stripper in Charlotte is carrying a federal law enforcement officer’s duty weapon which she stole; either that, or she sold it to another criminal on the streets. Don’t you feel so safe and protected by the FBI right now?

The Times also noted that an inspector general report appears to cite this individual in an accidental discharge case.

The OIG determined that local law enforcement and emergency medical personnel responded to the scene, rendered first aid, and opined that the firearm discharge had been accidental. Further investigation by the OIG determined that the supervisor had asked a family member to bring his firearm to him. The family member retrieved the supervisor’s weapon and in the process of giving it to him, it discharged.

Boy, glad to see the best and finest are heading up the nation’s top law enforcement agency. (sarcasm off).

Seriously though, something has gone horribly wrong for there to be so many misconduct scandals with federal law enforcement agencies. There is a disease that needs to be rooted out.

Or as one Presidential candidate stated for many months on the campaign trail, the Swamp needs to be drained (still waiting).