FBI Responds to ISIS Claim of Responsibility for Las Vegas Shootings

Earlier today ISIS claimed claimed responsibility for the deadly Las Vegas shootings:

The terror group’s propaganda outlet, Amaq, published a statement saying that Stephen Paddock was a “soldier of the Islamic State.”

“The Las Vegas attacker is a soldier of the Islamic State in response to calls to target coalition countries,” the statement said.

A second statement claimed that Paddock “converted to Islam several months ago.”

The Independent notes that the wording of the statement mirrors claims of responsibility for other terrorist attacks in the past.

The claim, which cannot be independently verified, came days after Isis released a speech purporting to be from the group’s leader.

A 46-minute audio recording appeared to show Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi praise the jihadis killed in the battle to retake Mosul and other former Isis territories.

He urged followers to “intensify one attack after another against the infidels”, following a spike in global terror attacks.

At first, the jihadist group was not a major suspect, but given that they have now issued a statement claiming responsibility, the investigation now needs to consider if Paddock had acted on behalf of the Islamic State.

The group did not offer evidence to back up their claims, but given their operating procedure for these kinds of attacks, we should certainly take it as a credible claim of responsibility.

Keep in mind that given past warnings from the jihadist group, it does make sense that this was either an ISIS-directed or inspired attack. We reported back in May and June that ISIS had made threats against Las Vegas, and local authorities were not taking any chances, ramping up security measures.

A video posted by ISIS on social media has prompted officials in Las Vegas to be on high alert.

The video was promoting Islamic jihadist attacks on places like Vegas, New York City and Washington D.C. From Fox News:

That was in May. Then in June, we reported that the Vegas strip was installing anti-vehicle pedestrian bollards to block vehicle attacks, similar to an attack that the city suffered the year before.

With the ever-increasing threat of terrorism, Sin City is acting.

Las Vegas is installing concrete-and-steel bollards along the sidewalk of the Strip.

Citing safety concerns, the Clark County Commission asked for the installation up and down Las Vegas Boulevard.

“In the last 12 months, there have been a total of eight incidents around the world,” Assistant Sheriff Todd Fasulo told Fox 5 Vegas. “All have used vehicles.”

Using vehicles as weapons of mass destruction – like the recent terrorist attack at the London Bridge – is the reason for the heightened security.

As the Islamic State’s “Caliphate” shrinks, and the groups numbers dwindle, unpredictable attacks across the globe are becoming increasingly likely. If they cannot maintain control over the region of Iraq and Syria, they will encourage and cause more terrorist attacks like this in every Western country they can access.

While security measures can be amplified, there is really no way to prevent something like this, automatic gunfire from a 32nd story window. Having to deal with this situation is simply unfathomable.

Now the FBI has responded, and basically said it’s nonsense:

Aaron Rouse, the FBI agent in charge in Las Vegas, said investigators saw no immediate evidence connecting it to an international terror organization, despite a claim of responsibility from the Islamic State group.

Mayor Carolyn Goodman said the attack was the work of a “crazed lunatic full of hate.”

What do you think about this?