Fears About Gender Identity And Restrooms Are Now Realized

Bathroom debate over transgender bathroom access.

Bathroom debate over transgender bathroom access.

Since the whole issue about transgender bathroom usage has come into the national spotlight, there has been no shortage of warnings about the inevitable consequences of this crowd’s demands.

The transgender/gender fluid/no gender/whatever else they are crowd has consistently demanded that a person should be able to use the restroom that corresponds to their “gender identity” (whatever that means).

Conservatives and people with plain sense have made clear the consequences that would come from such a policy enactment: perverts and pedophiles would go into the women’s restroom claiming to be a woman, while having malicious intentions.

“Nah, nothing like that could ever happen,” they said. “It would be great,” they said…

Tell that to an 8 year-old girl in Chicago, who was choked to unconsciousness in the women’s restroom on May 7 in a restaurant.

The Washington Times reports:

Police say the man, 33-year-old Reese Hartstirn, entered the women’s room May 7 at Jason’s Deli in Chicago’s South Loop and choked the girl until she passed out.

The girl’s mother, who was in the adjacent stall, heard her daughter’s screams and rescued her, while restaurant patrons held the suspect until police arrived, according to WLS-TV in Chicago…

I’m sure his intent was innocent,” said Susan Wright in a Friday post on the conservative website RedState. “I’m sure he really felt that he belonged in the women’s restroom and the little girl was somehow oppressing him, which caused the confusion, resulting in his hands ending up around her neck.”

What should we expect? This was only bound to happen with men having the ability to use the women’s restroom. Normal men aren’t going to be the ones using the excuse of “gender identity,” it will be the pedophiles and rapists who claim to “identify” as a woman.

Imagine if this was your 8 year-old daughter. Would the gender identity issue matter anymore? Of course not, because a child was attacked by a sick man who exploits the new opening created by the LGBTQUF7*$#(et. al) crowd.

Transgendered people are not the oppressed crowd in this situation. It is the women and children who will be assaulted, molested, and raped by the sick individuals who will be empowered through this insane movement. That’s right, the gender identity crowds are the ones empowering rapists, and they are the ones who perpetuate the war on women and children.

After the tragic mass shootings in places like Sandy Hook, gun grabbers like President Obama always tout the line that we should do something if we can save the life of just one child. But then, he turns around and issues a directive to public schools to allow students to use the restroom that corresponds to their “gender identity,” without regard to the inevitable consequences.

Does President Obama want more bullying in schools? Does he want the simple “boys being boys” behavior to turn into full-blown sexual assault?

According to this directive, it seems so. Now, of course, he and the other proponents of this directive will simply dodge the question and point to the oppression of transgendered people in the United States.

I’m sorry, but is there a war on transgendered people here? Has Caitlyn (or maybe Bruce) Jenner been burned at the stake for becoming a woman? Surely we would have heard about that (unless it was a Muslim group that did the execution, but that’s none of my business).

What this all boils down to is the absolute rejection of any sanity in the pursuit of equality. Natural and proper distinctions between men and women no longer exist, because apparently we have surpassed biology with our oh-so enlightened philosophies and genders.

In what realm do these people live? Does the bodily integrity of women and young children not matter to them? Should we just give over the most vulnerable and innocent of our society to the hands of evil men?

The implicit answer here is “yes.” And why does the molestation of women and children not matter? Because, equality.

Who is really perpetuating the war on women here, and who is really putting children at risk? It’s these people.