Federal Judge Makes Big Decision on “Black Lives Matter”

A Louisiana police officer who was injured in the deadly attack in July 2016 that left three officers dead has lost yet another battle in court to hold Black Lives Matter responsible for inciting the incident.

The second lawsuit was filed by another anonymous Baton Rouge officer, who claimed that the leftist race-baiting group laid the foundation for the injuries he suffered during the incident that led to the police ambush by Gavin Long, the lone gunman in the 2016 attack. The first lawsuit was tossed out by the judge.

The police killings came two weeks after a white officer shot and killed a 37-year-old Black man.

DeRay McKesson was named in the lawsuit as one of the leaders of BLM, which it was alleged, was responsible for the attack by whipping up anti-police fervor.

But Federal Judge Brian Jackson said he plans to toss out this second attempt to hold BLM responsible unless prosecutors can “prove why he shouldn’t,” Fox News is reporting. Jackson gave them until Oct. 13 to present an argument against dismissal.

In the judge’s order, he said that the facts of the case don’t specifically suggest responsibility to any of the listed defendants for the officer’s injuries “even assuming that those Defendants have the capacity to be sued.”

That part of the order is in reference to a previous lawsuit against Black Lives Matter and Mckesson on Sept. 28. At the time, the judge ruled that Black Lives Matter was a social movement – not an entity – and therefore could not be sued.

The first unnamed officer tried to sue “#BlackLivesMatter,” the actual hashtag, but the judge in that case ruled that hashtags could not be sued.

This second lawsuit would get McKesson off he hook. Even though the judge ruled groups like this can’t be sued, McKesson describes himself as the “leader” of this movement and quit his job this summer as “the chief human capital officer of Baltimore Public Schools” in order to “devote more time to organizing” and increase the presence of his podcast.

As Regan Pifer writes: “Of course, this exemption doesn’t keep Mckesson and his fellow BLM activists from suing the city of Baton Rouge or law enforcement officers for attempting to break up their often rowdy and violent protests on behalf of the Black Lives Matter organization–or, excuse me, movement.”

But of course not!

Long, the 29-year-old shooter, had posted rambling internet videos calling for violence in response to police treatment of African-Americans, which he said constituted as “oppression.” He apparently posted a YouTube video from Dallas on July 10, three days after a sniper killed five officers and wounded nine others there.

The initial lawsuit lawsuit claims Mckesson was “in charge of” a July 9 protest that “turned into a riot.” Mckesson “did nothing to calm the crowd and, instead, he incited the violence” on behalf of Black Lives Matter, the suit alleges.

What do you think? Will McKesson and BLM get off scot-free for their culpability in the death of three police officers? Sound off below and let us know!