Feinstein, Waters Float Trump Impeachment

Prominent (read: entrenched and slightly off their rocker) Democrats are making dire predictions about President Donald Trump.

Both Rep. Maxine Waters and Sen. Dianne Feinstein, two California dingbats, are predicting that Donald Trump won’t serve a full four years in office.

On Friday, Feinstein was talking to a group of leftist protesters who gathered for a fundraiser in Los Angeles.

When she took one question about the President and how they were going to get him out of office, Feinstein said he was going to “get himself” out of office.

“We have a lot of people looking at this,” Feinstein said. “I think he’s going to get himself out. I think that sending his sons to another country to make a financial deal for his company and then have that covered with government expenses — I believe government expenses should not be allowed.”

The very next day, speaking on the always-clear-headed Joy Reid’s MSNBC show, Waters predicted that Trump would be out, but by impeachment.

“We are going to see who the real patriots are when we unveil this collusion that I believe is there. I think in the final analysis they are going to have to move away from [Trump] and we will see that he will be in a position where he will meet the standards and the criteria for higher crimes and misdemeanors, and I maintain that’s where impeachment comes in.

Last week, Waters said her “greatest desire” would be to lead Trump “right into impeachment.”

Waters said, “I hope he’s not there for four years. I hope that this man and who he is, the way that he has defined himself, the way that he is acting—I am hoping that we are able to reveal all of this. And my greatest desire is to lead him right into impeachment.”

H/T: Breitbart