Feminist Hypocrisy on Men Hilariously Exposed With 2 Images

How To Prank Your Feminist Teacher [Video] – by Robert Gehl

If juvenile antics are your thing, we’ve got just the prank for you.

Everyone knows that radical feminists are born without a funny bone, so even the funniest joke or prank will likely irritate them to no end. That’s why this video went viral so fast.

Someone in what appears to be a high school decided to draw an image of a penis on a whiteboard in permanent marker, then conceal it with the image of a cat in dry-erase.

When the teacher – ready to start class – started erasing the board, she was left with the “hidden” picture underneath, then turns to her students, looking dumbfounded. Here it is:

Interestingly, as childish as it is, drawings of penises go back thousands of years.

The ancient Romans drew penises on almost everything. There were graffiti scratchings of a penis, mosaics, statues, wood chimes and frescoes. And they were everywhere.

In Pompeii, penises were found carved in the streets, pointing the direction to the nearest brothel. Young boys were given amulets including a phallus, meant to grant protection.

They even had penises carved on coins and tokens. From Red Orbit:

It’s hard to categorize a culture that spanned over 1,000 years, but there are many attitudes that were generally true across the years. Probably the most important distinction is the general attitude towards sex and nudity in ancient Rome. Instead of sex being a fairly stigmatized, shameful act, it was a well-accepted and occasionally encouraged facet of life.

For example, male and female prostitution was legal for nearly the entire length of the empire. And it was normal to have regular sex (unless you were a virgin woman) or for men to have sex outside their marriage (with men or other women).

But it wasn’t just the horny Romans. In the Americas, rock art depicting images with giant phalluses have also been found. From Gizmodo:

The discovery also adds to a growing body of evidence that humanity’s relationship with sexuality likely emerged early on in our cultural development. In an interview with LiveScience, Neves said that the rock carving may have been used in fertility rituals. Statues, sculptures and drawings depicting the human anatomy, including many with disproportionately huge phalli, have been discovered throughout much of Europe, with some examples dating back over 30,000 years. This latest evidence would seem to suggest that sex and sexuality persisted throughout generations of early humans, and were equally important to the Western Hemisphere’s earliest settlers.

Even in the modern era, the US Navy gets in on the action.

Just ten days ago, the Navy was forced to apologize after one of their pilots created a “sky-penis.”

Navy officials have acknowledged that one of their aircraft was involved, and said they find the incident “absolutely unacceptable.” They’re very, very sorry, they say.

So go ahead, draw that silly image of a penis on the whiteboard for your leftist teacher to find. You’ll be part of a long and storied history of ancient people engaging in childish and juvenile antics.