Feminist Issues Warning About Trans Surgery For Kids

A real feminist has emerged with her thoughts on the outrageous behavior of parents who actually encourage their children to change their gender, whether through drugs or surgery.

Who? Camille Paglia is one of the only real feminists that exist in this country. She has not only been outspoken about both Bill and Hillary Clinton, but she admonishes the left-wing takeover of feminism. Paglia considers herself libertarian in her ideology, and has not only outed left-wing feminists for their ridiculous and hypocritical behavior (for decades), but isn’t quiet about it and doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks.

Interview. Paglia recently had an exclusive interview with the Washington Free Beacon on a myriad of topics, everything from misogyny and Hillary Clinton to questions about Kate Upton. In all her gloriousness (can you tell we’re fans?), Paglia is consistent with her no-holds-barred responses. One of the topics discussed was the egregious behavior of parents and even some doctors on treating gender dysphoria in children (for the record, Paglia is also a lesbian). From the Free Beacon:

You say you were never encouraged by “misguided adults” to believe that you were actually a boy or “that medical interventions could bring that hidden truth to life.” Do we have an obligation to not participate in or encourage someone’s gender dysphoria in adulthood, or just childhood? 

I am very concerned about current gender theory rhetoric that convinces young people that if they feel uneasy about or alienated from their assignment to one sex, then they must take concrete steps, from hormone therapy to alarmingly irreversible surgery, to become the other sex. I find this an oddly simplistic and indeed reactionary response to what should be regarded as a golden opportunity for flexibility and fluidity. Furthermore, it is scientifically impossible to change sex. Except for very rare cases of intersex, which are developmental anomalies, every cell of the human body remains coded with one’s birth sex for life.

Paglia herself believes gender is fluid, but does not believe actual sex is. She states in the interview that if the government added “Other” as an option along with male and female, that’s what she would check off.

She went on further:

I am horrified by the escalating prescription of puberty-blockers to children with gender dysphoria like my own: I consider this practice to be a criminal violation of human rights. Have the adults gone mad? Children are now being callously used for fashionable medical experiments with unknown long-term results.

Paglia then went on to discuss the “trans bathroom” issue:

In regard to the vexed issue of toilets and locker rooms, if private unisex facilities can be conveniently provided through simple relabeling, it would be humane to do so, but I fail to see why any school district, restaurant, or business should be legally obligated to go to excess expense (which ultimately penalizes the public) to serve such a minuscule proportion of the population, however loud their voices.

Why this matters? It matters because finally there is a feminist who is actually speaking the truth about the psychotic behavior of some parents and doctors when it comes to children who may be questioning their gender. So many on the left somehow think this abuse is okay. Most on the right find it disturbing. How can anyone in their right mind think it’s okay to block the natural progression of development in any child?

If you haven’t heard of Camille Paglia before, she’s a refreshing and badass voice for actual feminism. You may not agree with her on everything, but guess what? She isn’t going to try to suppress your opinion because of it like left-wing feminists.