First Women’s College to Accept Trans Women Gets “Surprising” News

Mills College in Oakland, California decided to accept trans women to their all-female school back in 2014. This didn’t apply to trans men who were born women but actually got surgery to switch out their parts.

Story. Something interesting has happened at this once-women’s-only liberal arts college: they’ve had a decrease in applicants for their almost $60,000 tuition. From The Daily Caller:

The women’s school [is] in dire economic straits is Mills College in Oakland, California, reports Inside Higher Ed.

The board of trustees announced that Mills is currently running a $9 million yearly operating deficit. The $9 million shortfall is about 16 percent of the school’s 2017 budget of $57 million.

The budgetary crisis will cause professors and administrators to lose their jobs, trustees said. Also, there is a plan in the works to restructure the curriculum […]

For the 2015-2016 academic year, Mills received just 839 applications.

In August 2014, Mills College became the first women’s college in the United States to admit male students who call themselves females but fail to possess the requisite genitalia.

It’s unclear if there is a direct correlation between the college inviting trans women into the mix and its financial woes. It will probably take a few years or enrollments and applicants to see if this is a trend or not.

History. What’s interesting is that back in 1990, the college announced plans to become co-educational, much to the dismay of students, who actually protested. From Inside Higher Ed:

In 1990, Mills College announced that it would become coeducational, with officials saying it was no longer viable to remain a women’s college. Sixteen days of protests followed, with students demanding that the college remain a women’s institution.

The board relented. College officials said the spirit of the students was a sign of great things to come for the liberal arts institution. The movement attracted global attention to the Oakland, Calif., college.

Why this matters. If indeed the applicant numbers continue to be lowered, it could be that women actually want to attend an all-actual-women’s college. Despite the left trying to redefine the term woman to include trans women, there is indeed still a scientific difference.