Fox News Anchor in Talks to Join Trump Administration


The staff at Fox News are dropping like flies.

Or, a better way to put it–they’re flying to the White House.

The Trump administration has, yet again, looked to Fox News for a State Department spokesperson.

According to The Hill:

Fox anchor Heather Nauert could soon be the latest media personality to join the Trump administration, Politico reported Thursday.

Nauert is in talks to become the State Department spokesperson, pending Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s approval, sources familiar with the discussions told Politico.

Nauert has been at Fox News since 1998, save for a two-year stint at ABC. She is currently an anchor on “Fox & Friends,” the network’s morning show, which has been praised by Trump.

At a press conference Thursday, Trump said “Fox and Friends” is “the most honest morning show.”

She definitely fits in with the Trump administration. Beside her experience and qualifications (Nauert graduated from Columbia University and serves as a term member at the Council on Foreign Relations), just this week she tweeted one of her latest purchases: a pair of Ivanka Trump heels.

From Monica Crowley of Fox News to former Breitbart executive chair turned Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, Nauert is one of many conservative media analysts and reporters tapped to potentially serve on the Trump administration.