Fox News: Anti-Trump FBI Agent Was Central to Clinton Email Probe

Today, Fox News announced that the anti-Trump FBI agent who sent anti-Trump text messages to his girlfriend was central to the Clinton email probe:

Partial Transcript:

Sandra: We are covering all sides to this. New York congressman Peter King is on deck to discuss the investigation. We begin with chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge live in Washington with the latest.

Catherine: Sandra, this FBI Agent, Peter Strzok who is now at the center of a new investigation and was on the ground floor email intelligence referral to the F.B.I. In 2015 after highly classified information passed through Clinton’s unsecured server used for government business. According to a lengthy New York Times profile on F.B.I. Director James Comey two weeks before he was fired a profile done with the full cooperation of the F.B.I. media office, this agent Peter Strzok was central.

He was also a key player in drafting of the July statement by Director Comey that recommended against criminal charges now referred to as the exoneration statement. And he was in the lead on the review of classified emails found on Anthony Wiener’s computer that belonged to Clinton aide Huma Abidien. It reopened the email case days before the election. The F.B.I. Director took issue saying he wants the public to know the FBI is strong and independent.

This revelation that a definitively anti-Trump F.B.I. Investigator was involved in the Hillary Clinton interviews. As the President says is starting to not make a lot of sense. Frustrating to many law-abiding Americans who look up and always see a double standard, always see special exemptions for Hillary Clinton.

What do you think about this new development? Is it cause, in your opinion, for the DOJ to re-open the Clinton email probe? Should they re-open the case?

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