Fox News Shakeup: Laura Ingraham Will Have the 10 pm Prime Time Slot

There’s another shakeup happening at Fox News, and unlike most of the recent news stories it does not involve a male host being accused of sexual harassment. This time, it’s a bit of good news for Laura Ingraham.

Ingraham is a former speechwriter for Ronald Reagan. For many years, she has had her own radio show, and has also founded LifeZette. Sources from the network revealed to CNN that Ingraham will be starting her prime time show this fall.

The report confirms the rumors which we reported on several weeks ago.

The new prime time lineup will be Tucker Carlson at 8, Sean Hannity at 9, and Laura Ingraham at 10.

While there may be one or two final details to negotiate, Ingraham has been telling friends that the deal is essentially done, the sources said.

Her new show will be part of a broader change to the network’s top-rated prime time lineup. Sean Hannity’s show, currently at 10 p.m., will move one hour earlier to 9 p.m., multiple sources confirmed.

And “The Five,” a talk show originally named for its 5 p.m. time slot, will shift from 9 p.m. back to its namesake hour.

The changes come on the heels of Eric Bolling’s exit from Fox and the cancellation of his 5 p.m. show “Fox News Specialists” last Friday.

Eric Bolling was accused of sexual harassment, and was subsequently released from the network last week. To add on top of that, his 19 year-old son also died that same evening.

Bolling will have to deal with both of those incredibly difficult situations, but the door of opportunity is now open for Ingraham.

As CNN Money noted in their report, Fox News generally does not like to mix up their prime time lineup, and is taking some risk by doing so. Nonetheless, Fox’s audience likes Ingraham, so I don’t foresee a decline in ratings for the network after she is brought on.

Fox has been in a ratings battle with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow since the last election. No doubt, the “Resistance” is tuning in to one of their zealous leaders to get any and all information they can to most efficiently “resist.”

As we noted in our report last month, Ingraham has been one of the President’s most ardent supporters. So the question would be if her new show would attract more people to the network.

If she is getting her own show, good for her. She’s been a long-time contributor to the network and she may bring some life to the channel.