France’s “Rehab” For Jihadists Is a Colossal Failure

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In fall of 2016, France opened up what they deemed to be “rehab” centers for radicalized Islamic residents, in the hopes that cultural enrichment and teaching of religious tolerance and French secularism would de-radicalize them.

The French government diagnosed the problem as one of isolation and lack of social involvement. Thus, part of their alleged solution was to try and infuse those who were on the verge of becoming radicalized into the French culture.

As The Washington Post reported in May of last year:

As William McCants and Christopher Meserole, two fellows at the Brookings Institution, concluded in a study released after the Brussels attacks, the single greatest predictor of foreign-fighter radicalization was a country’s connection to French political culture — not its wealth or education levels.

“Instead, the top predictor was whether a country was Francophone,” the two wrote, “that is, whether it currently lists (or previously listed) French as a national language.”

In the study, the French language is seen as a stand-in for French political culture, a sensibility “more aggressive” on the question of state secularism, which many Muslims find alienating.

Well, it turned out exactly like we should have expected: an abysmal failure, a “total fiasco.”

The first center was set up in the fall of last year, and so far that is the only center that is currently up and running, out of the original twelve of the plan.

As of this month, a new parliamentary report concludes that the efforts to de-radicalize jihadists has gone nowhere, The Daily Caller has learned.

“It’s a total fiasco. Everything requires a total rethink,” conservative senator Philippe Bas said Thursday. “Everything must be started from scratch.”

The facilities were meant to help individuals who are “looking for a way out” by offering group activities and workshops on religion and the French Republic. The only center currently up and running costs more than $2.6 million per year without having a single tenant.

Not one single tenant. Color me surprised.

What this evidences is the fact that those who are radicalized individuals are certainly not willing to change their beliefs just through some “cultural enrichment” and helping them get more connected to the French Republic. In fact, attempting to infuse these radicalized jihadists is only likely to backfire.

France has a strong secular culture, where religion is strongly discouraged from public display. That’s not just against Christianity, but against all religions, Islam included. However, the increasingly large Islamic population often has other ideas about how to practice their religion.

Whereas the French want a more private, personal religion, where it’s not really seen, the Islamic migrants want a more public display of Islam.

It got to the point where the city of Paris had to ban Islamic prayers on the streets.

There are nearly 15,000 radicalized people in France alone. The nation remains under a state of emergency following the horrific attack in Paris in November 2015. 230 have been killed in terrorist attacks since then.