Franklin Graham Reveals REAL Object of The Left’s Hate

Many aren’t going to want to hear this message, but that doesn’t make it any less true, or urgent.

CNS News reports that evangelical leader Rev. Franklin Graham says in the October issue of Decision Magazine (a publication of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, named after Franklin’s legendary father) he considers the root cause of social unrest and devision in the United States today to be “hatred of God” and everything Christianity represents:

“America has flaunted its sexual immorality to the world,” said Rev. Franklin Graham. “We’ve neglected many of the poor and suffering and are guilty of much injustice, pride and self-indulgence. We are broken spiritually, adrift morally and divided politically and racially—following whichever direction the bankrupt culture seems to drive us.”

“Sadly, the voices of hate have grown increasingly loud and insulting,” he said. Although the voices of hate come from both sides of the political aisle, Graham added, “we must realize that ultimately what is transpiring in our nation is an increasing hatred of God, His Word and His ways.”

“In my lifetime, I have never seen such blatant and incessant animosity toward Christ and His followers,” said Rev. Graham. “We should not be surprised, because the Scripture tells us that if they hated the Lord Jesus Christ, they surely would despise those who worship and serve Him” […]

“While believers should never raise voices of hate against anyone,” said Rev. Graham, “the real object of hate in our nation (that has been so blessed by God) is none other than God Himself.”

“What has been historically called good and righteous is now called evil, and what was evil is now called good,” he said. “The Bible says, ‘Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness’ (Isaiah 5:20).”

In conclusion, Rev. Graham said, “We need to pray for those who hate the Gospel, those who hate the Name of Jesus, those who hate His followers—that they will come out of their self-imposed darkness and into the light of God’s forgiveness through faith and repentance in Christ, who gave Himself for our sins.”

One need only review the controversies that have dominated the last several years to recognize the truth in Graham’s words.

The state and federal levels of our government drag into court Catholic nuns to force them to finance abortion-inducing drugs, and Catholic adoption workers who insist on placing the children in their care with homes that have both mothers and fathers.

Private citizens risk the destruction of their livelihoods if they don’t board the LGBT bandwagon. The most benign expression of faith from a public employee is grounds for an inquisition.

Resistance to abortion and same-sex marriage is met with boundless fury. An entire organization exists to label any Judeo-Christian organization that takes its faith seriously as a “hate group” — and enjoys broad support from the Left and the media.

It’s no mystery why the Left would have the Judeo-Christian tradition. The idea of the Bible’s God means that morality is not subjective, that expecting to build utopia in this life is a fool’s errand, and that one’s own “identity” is not the center of the universe.

When faith thrives, Left-wing liberalism cannot. It’s as simple as that. Hence, their incessant campaign to destroy any semblance of the corresponding values.