Gay MA Senate Leader Forced Out After SERIOUS Sexual Misconduct Allegations

The bipartisan wave of sexual misconduct allegations sweeping through the political world have claimed another scalp, but this one doesn’t involve any women.

CBS News reports that Massachusetts Senate President Stan Rosenberg, a Democrat, will be resigning from his leadership position (though remaining a Senator) as the Senate investigates sexual misconduct allegations against his husband Bryon Hefner.

Rosenberg isn’t accused of direct involvement (nor is he an alleged victim), but questions have swirled over his fitness to remain in office given conflict-of-interest concerns:

The Senate is likely to vote Monday to authorize the appointment of an independent investigator whose focus likely would be on whether Rosenberg knew about Bryon Hefner’s alleged behavior, or if Hefner had any clout when it came to Senate matters.

Rosenberg has not been accused of wrongdoing. He expressed shock over the allegations and maintained Hefner exerted no influence on the Senate. reports Hefner is accused of sending an unsolicited nude photo to someone who works in state politics. The picture was reportedly sent in a text message earlier this year.

According to CBS Boston, the new claim follows accusations by four other men who say Hefner sexually assaulted and harassed them over the past several years. The men say they didn’t report the misconduct at the time because they feared backlash from Rosenberg.

Apparently taking a page from the Harvey Weinstein playbook, Rosenberg has assured the public that Hefner will be undertaking in-patient treatment for alcoholism.

Ah, Massachusetts. That left-wing land of harmony and enlightenment. Ain’t it grand?

Rosenberg had initially intended to keep his leadership post while simply assuring people he would recuse himself from all things pertaining to the investigation. So one can’t help but wonder what kind of pressure he was getting, how many people within his own party he had casting doubt on his ability to remain impartial and hands-off, to take this step.

What do you think is going to happen next? Is this as serious as it gets, or do you think there’s a good chance Rosenberg might eventually have to leave the Senate entirely? Sound off below!