George Mason University Students Fail To Identify Iconic Politicians


Non-partisan organization PoliTech graced the George Mason University campus to put the students’ political knowledge to the test.

Whenever a person with a microphone and laminated pictures of politicians shows up on a college campus, you can bet that the end result will be a cringe-worthy, nausea-inducing video that causes you to weep for the future of America.

The students in the video major in everything from Anthropology to Nursing, but the one thing they have in common is the inability to recognize important political figures.

One of the ladies pulled aside states that her major is Government and International Politics, but was not able to identify either Joe Biden or Ronald Reagan.

Watch the video below:

Only one of the students was able to name Biden, but all of them knew who Kim Kardashian was without hesitation. It’s possible that this video was edited down to just a few students to make a point, but this should pale in comparison to the fact that there is one college-age student who doesn’t know the people who are/were in charge of the direction of the country in which they live.

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