George-Soros-Backed Candidate Wins Philly DA Seat

George Soros has won.

The leftist billionaire has another district attorney in his pocket, willing to be his puppet and play along with his plans to “reshape the judicial system.”

By “reshaping,” we mean he attempts to reduce “racial disparities in sentencing” and have prosecutors use their “discretion” in punishing people of color. What this does is create an oddly racialized justice system where people are treated differently according to their skin color.

Soros has spent millions trying to get attorneys who agree with his philosophy elected to prosecutors positions nationwide.

In Harris County, Texas, he managed to get Kim Ogg elected as district attorney.

Back in April, Soros lepat into the race in Philadelphia, reports:

Billionaire George Soros has arrived. And he plans to spend a significant chunk of change to support one of the seven candidates, civil-rights attorney Larry Krasner.

A group calling itself Philadelphia Justice and Public Safety filed a political committee registration statement Tuesday — three weeks before the May 16 primary — with the city’s Board of Elections.

Soros’ investment worked. He spent $1.5 million for Krasner to beat out six other candidates with an 18-point margin of victory.

Soros hasn’t closed the deal quite yet, but in Philadelphia, a Democratic primary is tantamount to an election. Dems have a seven-to-one margin over Republicans.

So what can Philly expect now that they have George Soros prosecuting crimes in the city? Here’s a taste:

Krasner, a defense attorney for three decades best known for taking on civil rights cases for Black Lives Matter and Occupy Philadelphia members, AIDS activists and protesters arrested at political conventions, has never served a day in his career as a prosecutor.

That became his pitch — that he was more likely to reform the District Attorney’s Office because he had no ties to the institution, unlike most of the other Democrats in the race.

That message appealed to several hundred people who filled the John C. Anderson Apartments community room and an outdoor courtyard in Center City on Tuesday night for Krasner’s victory party.

It got a little rowdy as the results rolled in.

Chants of “No good cops in a racist system” and against the Fraternal Order of Police were quickly shut down by Krasner campaign staffers.

H/T: American Thinker