George W. Bush Speaks On on Trump and Russia, Media Coverage


During the Obama years, former President George W. Bush decided to sit quietly in his retirement, not stirring the pot with criticisms of how his successor was handling the job. Initially, he promised to retain the same approach with the Trump administration, though that may not actually be the case any more.

In an interview with NBC’s Today Show host Matt Lauer, the former President took to addressing several issues, ranging from disabled veterans, to the media, to the issue of President Trump’s alleged connections with the Russian government.

Bush mentioned in the interview that one of his issues was that the media, mainstream networks, were more relevant because there were “only three of ya.” Now there are many more outlets where news can be dispered (such as The Federalist Papers Project) that the main networks have begun to fade in terms of impact.

Additionally, Lauer brought up the alleged connections between the President’s associates and the Russian government, asking for Bush’s opinion of the current situation. He asked if a special prosecutor should be appointed to investigate.

While he was unsure if a special prosecutor was the right choice, he deferred to the Senate Intelligence Committee, and their wisdom on the issue. He did emphasize the need for getting answers on the issue of alleged connections to the Kremlin.

According to The Hill, U.S. Intelligence agencies believe that Russian hackers attempted to infiltrate the election system in November, while several media sources allege that the Trump campaign had contacts with the Russian government.

U.S. intelligence agencies believe Russian-backed hackers attempted to sway the election for Trump, while multiple news reports say that Trump campaign officials had “constant” contact with Russian intelligence during the election.

Bush said he trusted Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.), the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, to select a special prosecutor to investigate the possible ties between Russian officials and Trump’s team.

Despite the media’s continued attacks on the Trump administration for “having connections” to Putin, the FBI concluded back in October that no such serious connections existed.

Of course, that was before the fiasco with Gen. Michael Flynn, who resigned from his post as National Security Adviser after misleading the agency about the nature of communications with Russian government officials.

But in terms of collusion with the Kremlin to win the White House? Nothing proven on that yet…

Bush additionally brought up the point that the media is needed to keep people (like him) in check when they are in positions of power. He’s right on that, because without the media, we may not have known that the administration was colluding with telecoms to spy on calls outside of the court system.

But speaking of the media, Bush also addressed the issue of unifying the country, which Trump has stated that he wishes to do. He admitted that Trump is a man whom we should take at his word, and believe him when he says he wants to do something.

Bush did go on to say that the job of unifying the country is incredibly difficult when the media is so divisive. He would know from experience.

The accusations hurled at the Trump administration about him being like Hitler are nothing new in American mainstream media. During Bush’s years, several advertisements aired from comparing him to the infamous Nazi dictator.

But Bush wasn’t Hitler, for sure. He had many issues during his Presidency, abuse of surveillance powers and the oh-so-horrendous bailouts of domestic auto manufacturers and banks (TARP), but Hitler? No.

And now though, the media seems much more friendly to him, because they have another Hitler to attack, that is the sitting President.

Watch the whole clip below: