Girl Scouts Respond to BSA’s New “Inclusive” Policy…It’s BAD

Earlier today, TFPP reported that the Boy Scouts of America have made a bombshell announcement that they will begin accepting girls into the organization, in effect making the long-revered institution’s name a lie. Now the Girl Scouts have weighed in, and they’re not happy.

The Daily Caller reports on the Girl Scouts’ reaction to the news:

“We learned about this through different channels but never directly from BSA leadership. We’ve had competitors come and go and this is yet another competitor. We’re disappointed in the way BSA handled this,” Lisa Margosian, Chief Customer Officer for Girl Scouts, told BuzzFeed reporter Tasneem Nashrulla in a statement […]

The Girl Scouts chief customer officer said the BSA’s decision was strictly based on the fact that its organization had declining membership numbers, and said she wished the BSA’s leadership would have discussed their decision with the Girl Scouts before making their announcement Wednesday.

“We’ve enjoyed a strong relationship and partnership with them over the years and we’re disappointed that the BSA didn’t discuss this with us to say ‘we’re having trouble with our membership.’ This is a direct response to boost their declining membership,” Margosian continued. At this point we’re just about reminding people that we have an expertise in serving girls that the Boy Scouts just don’t have,” Margosian continued in the statement.

This isn’t the first time the Girl Scouts have called out the Boy Scouts over this sort of thing. Back in August, TFPP reported that the Girl Scouts accused the Boy Scouts of a “covert campaign to recruit girls,” which they criticized for undermining the value of “single gender programming.”

It’s great to see the Girl Scouts push back against the idea that gender doesn’t matter, and stand up for the principle that it’s okay for boys and girls each to have settings all to themselves. But while there may well be truth to the suspicion that the Boy Scouts are simply trying to bolster their numbers, it’s naive to assume that’s all at work here (or willfully blind; after all, the Girl Scouts’ own record intersects with Planned Parenthood’s in disturbing ways, so they’re no strangers to selling out to the leftist social agenda, either).

This is simply the latest and most dramatic example of a trend of the Boy Scouts being hollowed out from within, as its own leaders decide its longstanding values no longer matter, are no longer worth fighting for. The organization’s previous compromises include allowing transgendered boys — i.e., kids who are actually girls but say or think they’re boys — into their ranks and forbidding squirt gun fights, a child’s pastime as traditional as the BSA itself, on the truly demented grounds that “pointing a firearm” at someone is “unkind.”

The Boy Scouts is just one of many American cultural institutions the Left has been working to hijack, destroy from within, and use the carcass as a Trojan horse from which to further radicalize America. Perhaps more so than what happens in Washington, DC, this is the culture war that will decide America’s future.

And so far, the Right is losing.