Gloria Steinem Says Ivanka Trump is Just Like HITLER; Here’s Why…

Gloria Steinem is old and is going to die soon.

The 83-year-old feminist icon has lived a full and satisfying life (by her standards, I imagine), so perhaps she can be forgiven for this latest bout of complete stupidity.

See, when Donald Trump announced a plan that his daughter Ivanka championed that would require paid maternity leave (something that leftists have wanted for decades), rather than embrace the new proposal, the left proclaimed it was just awful.

It didn’t go far enough, it was only “maternity” leave for expectant mothers, and not “fathers” or “trans-dads” or “trans-moms” or “adopted parents” or “half-reptilian lizards from the planet Khoom” or some such nonsense.

The ACLU just hated it. Liberals hated it. And Steinem hates it.

In fact, if you ask Steinem, all of this means just one thing: Ivanka Trump is a Nazi!

That’s’ right. Here’s the aged feminist’s reasoning, according to the Daily Mail: “I have not seen her standing up and saying women should have a right to control their own bodies and decide when and whether to have children, no.”

She then proceeded to compare Ivanka to Adolf Hitler, because the maternity leave at her company is “only if you physically give birth.”

“It’s not for adoptive parents, not for fathers,” she said. “That happens to be the same policy as every authoritarian regime on Earth that I know of, including Hitler’s Germany. I’m not saying that she knows this, but [the Nazis] were paying women to have children. By accident, perhaps, that’s her policy.”

Isn’t that awesome? Hitler gave paid maternity leave, Ivanka Trump wants paid maternity leave, so therefore Ivanka Trump LOVES Adolf Hitler!

When we discovered this, we were determined to get to the bottom of the Ivanka-Hitler connection, and here’s what we found:

  • Both Adolf Hitler and Ivanka Trump were human beings whose internal organs consisted of kidneys, lungs, and a heart, among others.
  • Hitler used his eyes to see his surroundings. Ivanka Trump also has eyes to see.
  • Adolf Hitler breathed air, which was necessary to his survival. Our sources tell us that Ivanka Trump also breathes air (but the sources here are sketchy).
  • Finally, Adolf Hitler did not hatch from an egg, but was the product of a live birth. Ivanka Trump was not hatched from an egg, either.

The coincidences are too numerous to overlook.

It’s clear: Ivanka Trump and Adolf Hitler are the same person.

Who would have guessed that support for paid maternity leave could reveal such a deep and dark deception?