Google Completely DESTROYED By a Single DuckDuckGo Tweet

Ever heard of DuckDuckGo? I didn’t until today, but something tells me it’s about to become very popular with conservatives.

DuckDuckGo is apparently a new-ish search engine on the block, and it says what sets it apart is a guarantee that it’ll never store or share any of users’ personal information. No search history, no invasions of privacy, no worries about selling your data to advertisers.

Now an apparent graphic for the service is making the rounds online, with an unmistakable potshot at the biggest name in internet searching:

KeepCalmAndDrawl admits up front he doesn’t know whether DuckDuckGo was behind this particular image, or if some anonymous internet prankster simply saw a golden opportunity. However, the company certainly hasn’t been shy about comparing themselves to Google and calling out the giant’s practices:

Privacy advocates have of course been critical of Google for a long time (Zero Hedge this week published a piece arguing that Google is “a powerful and undemocratic tech arm of the shadow government,” by the way), so odds are this graphic coming to light as Google faces heat for firing somebody who dissented from the company’s leftist conception of diversity is just a fortunate coincidence. Of course, that doesn’t make it any less fitting.

If you’ve still been using Google until now, do you plan on switching to DuckDuckGo? Let us know what you think of it in the comments!

H/T: Instapundit