Google and Facebook Co-Sponsoring Protests Against Pro-Life Women’s Health Group

Two of the most powerful companies in the world are co-sponsoring a protest against Netroots Nation, a pro-life women’s health care clinic that provides free medical services and counseling to pregnant women, but not abortions.

Facebook and Google are co-sponsoring Netroots Nation, an annual gathering of progressive activists and political leaders that is targeting a pro-life organization, Human Coalition, and the health care clinics they operate under the name Cura, which provide free medical services and counseling for women with unplanned pregnancies. The protest’s organizers claim two primary motivations for going after Human Coalition’s clinics: they’re pro-life, and they’re successful.

Netroots’ official agenda has the protest scheduled for Saturday at noon, immediately following one event featuring Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and shortly before another event featuring former Vice President Al Gore. Google and Facebook are listed as “premier sponsors” of Netroots, alongside far-left organizations like Planned Parenthood.

Saturday’s protest pits activists backed by two of the top four most valuable brands in the world against a small but effective organization that describes itself as both pro-women and pro-child.

Pro-abortion group Reproaction will lead Saturday’s protest against Human Coalition. Reproaction claims Human Coalition’s health center is a “fake clinic” because — unlike, say, Planned Parenthood — they don’t perform abortions. The protest is titled, “Get Fake Clinics Out Of Atlanta!”

“We are taking direct action on CURA Women’s Care Clinic to send a message to Human Coalition and other crisis pregnancy centers that they will no longer get a pass for misleading women who are trying to find abortion services,” claim the protest organizers. The organizers appear particularly disturbed by Human Coalition’s use of prayer: their description of Saturday’s protest includes two direct references to the advocacy group’s promotion of prayers for women considering abortions.

But it’s the left-wing activists who are actively deceiving women in pursuit of political goals, argued Human Coalition’s communications director Lauren Enriquez.

“This is the industry that also calls prenatal human beings ‘products of conception,’” said Enriquez. “We aren’t surprised that those who would prefer that pregnant women in crisis not have access to anything but abortion have employed deceptive rhetoric to try to delude the public about the services offered by our women’s care clinics.”

Saturday’s protest of a pro-life organization that is devoted to helping women and their unborn children shows that Google and Facebook are becoming more open in their support of left-wing political causes.

Both Google and Facebook have long been accused of harboring left-wing biases. Google’s board of directors donated six times as much money to Democrats as Republicans, the Media Research Center found, and the company has been accused of burying negative search results for Democratic figures like Hillary Clinton, although it denied that charge.

Former Facebook employees admitted to Gizmodo last year that the social network routinely suppressed conservative news from its “trending topics” section, while purposefully elevating other topics — like Black Lives Matter — to make them national topics. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has previously scolded employees for not being supportive enough of Black Lives Matter.

These are all despicable acts, as no huge companies should be able to manipulate and mislead their users to see and believe only the politics they want them to.

Enormous companies like Google and Facebook are supposed to be neutral and unbiased platforms for individuals to learn all information possible and choose their own beliefs themselves. These companies should also most definitely not be sponsoring any controversial protests with a clear political agenda. That’s not what they exist to do, in hiding or in plain sight.