Google’s Autocompelte For “CNN Is” Is Awesome

Google’s got it.

The search engine seems to have a pulse on what America is thinking – maybe because it does.

When you open the website and search for “CNN is,” the first “autocomplete” suggestion that comes up is “CNN is fake news.”

google fake news

That’s not by accident. Google’s autocomplete function is based on real searches done by real people. And a lot of them.

It takes the top phrase that is typed into the search engine and offers it as a suggested search.

Just like if you type on “coupons for,” the next suggested word is “Amazon” or if you type in “George W,” the next word is Bush – if a lot of people search for it, it’s the top suggested search.

Sometimes it depends on what’s in your search history on your computer. Other times it depends on what region you’re in. But for most people, the rest of the suggested “autocomplete” search terms for “CNN is” are: “CNN is biased,” “CNN is liberal,” and “CNN is so biased.”

So as we said – Google often has their finger on America’s pulse.