GRAPHIC VIDEO: Teens Kidnap and Torture Trump Supporter In Chicago [Warning]


There aren’t adequate words to describe how disgusting this is. A group of black teens kidnapped and tortured a white Trump supporter in Chicago and according to the police, the victim had “mental health challenges.” The thugs actually streamed video of their heinous actions on Facebook LIVE.

In the horrific video, the thugs yelled “F*** Donald Trump” and “F*** white people” as they brutally tortured the victim. Conservative Outfitters reported:

Chicago police have arrested four individuals involved with the kidnapping and torture of a man on Facebook LIVE. Police were able to make arrests after video the suspects streamed online went viral.

The mentally challenged man was forced to say ‘F**k Donald Trump and ‘F**K white people’. Police have not determined if the suspects will be charged with a hate crime. If you have something to add please leave a comment below.

WGN-TV reported:

Chicago police are questioning four people regarding an apparent  case of torture that was streamed live using Facebook Live.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said the video, which police believe to be credible,  shows  a “brutal act toward an adult male with mental health challenges.”

Police say officers observed a disoriented male in “distress” walking in the 3400 block of W Lexington yesterday around 5:30 p.m. The officers determined the male was reported missing from a Chicago suburb.

After speaking to the victim, the officers then responded to a home nearby.  There, they discovered “signs of a struggle and damage to property.”  Police say the officers connected this evidence to the disoriented male.

The victim, who is not a Chicago resident, was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition.

“Officers later became aware of a social media video depicting a battery of an adult male which is believed to be the same individual,” a statement from the police read.

According to police, of the four people being questioned, three of them are from Chicago, one is from Carpentersville, and all four of them go to the same school as the victim. As of Wednesday evening, the individuals undergoing questioning had not been formally charged.

You can watch the video below but be forewarned, it is graphic :

There are no words for this level of brutality, callousness, cruelty and hate. It is truly breathtakingly disgusting.

This should transcend politics. This should outrage anyone with any decency at all.

For months, the left has breathlessly reported on hate crimes that were swiftly determined to be hoaxes — often perpetrated by Muslims and leftists to smear Trump and his supporters — yet you see case after case like this of hate crimes committed against Trump supporters that the left and the mainstream media chooses to ignore.

This is what the culture of identity politics, political correctness, and racial divisiveness has created. These thugs are undoubtedly responsible for their own actions and were probably looking for any opportunity to behave like animals, but there is no doubt that there is a culture of hate brewing in this country and a sick faction on the left has fomented it.

President Obama has two weeks left in office — I wonder if he’ll say anything about this horrific incident or if he’ll bow out because if he had a son, he wouldn’t look like this young man …