Graves of Revolutionary and Civil War Soldiers Dug Up and Scattered Throughout Cemetery [Photos]

With so much talk about historical memory, pride in country (or race), taking down monuments, and refusing to stand for the American flag, this story fits in all too well with that narrative.

According to The Daily Mail, the bones of those who have went before us were dug up and scattered throughout an old Georgia cemetery.

Though all should be able to rest in peace, it is especially haunting to think someone could dig up the remains of babies. Of soldiers.

Caretakers of one of Georgia’s oldest cemeteries say the scene was heart-breaking: A toddler’s bones were spilled on the ground. The uniform buried with a soldier in another plot was strewn on the ground.

Now, a reward of more than $2,000 is being offered for information on the desecration at the Old Church Cemetery, which dates to 1758 in the east Georgia countryside near Waynesboro.

Clothing buried with a soldier was removed, leaving his bones exposed, Burke County sheriff’s Sgt. Sean Cochran said.

Among the soldiers desecrated were those dating back to the Revolutionary War, Civil War, and World War I, he said.

Relic hunting is a possible motive, he said, though authorities aren’t certain what the motivation was.

‘Most of the time when soldiers were buried, they were buried with their items to keep the enemy soldiers from getting them,’ Cochran said.

One of the caretakers of the cemetery reflected, “I thought ‘why in God’s name could anybody do anything like this?” He added, “I just can’t understand it, other than the fact they were wanting some kind of trinkets.”

The criminals even took the buttons off of the soldiers’ uniforms.

This incident happened back in 2013. But it is still an absolutely horrific act.

If this act is disrespectful to those who have died, how does this align with what is happening today?

Removing statues? Refusing to stand for the National Anthem and our country’s flag?

While we may question what should be celebrated in our nation’s history, we should never disrespect of desecrate the dead.

Though some things should not be praised, I don’t think anything should be erased, removed, or–like this instance–damaged, destroyed, and disrespected.

When we no longer remember and respect our history, we forget who were are, what we stand for, and why brave men fought.

That might possibly be the most terrifying part of all of this.

Do you see a link between these disgraceful actions and a lack of respect for our country and country’s history?