Guess What College Liberals Want Handouts for Now; It’s NUTS

You have to give liberals this much: they never miss an opportunity to try to squeeze money out the world around them.

Red Alert Politics reports that left-wing ladies at Sarah Lawrence College have taken to soliciting monetary donations in “honor of Women’s History Month, and the labor that women and femmes of color do for Sarah Lawrence every month of the year.” But the interesting part is how they defined this labor:

While the idea of paying a campus classmate cash for emotional trauma is extremely ludicrous, some students at Sarah Lawrence took strongly to the idea and became downright vitriolic when they didn’t receive donations.

“Also since W&FOC are still using our emotional labor to discuss this as nobody gives a shit about the systemic problems at this school, give your $$$,” said one disgruntled student via Facebook. Another student was less frank, in her wording, posting “ PAY THEM BOTH! SERIOUSLY EVERYONE PAY BOTH … NOW!”

“Emotional labor”?

What the hell is that?

What gives it monetary value?

And how do we know who’s obligated to pay it?

The posts don’t exactly make that clear, but one particular part of the exchange was so insane that I can’t do it justice. Here’s Red Alert’s summary of the madness:

The Venmo payment post became popular a second time when a student was forced by the school’s administration to release a baby python, which she claimed she owned for therapeutic reasons. After she released the python on campus, students began to worry about the loose python. The same feminist activists slammed the worried students for being more upset about a loose python than they were about racism, rape culture, sexual assaults, and other hot button issues for the feminist crowd at Sarah Lawrence.

If this is how liberals understand the concepts of labor and compensation, it’s no wonder their understanding of economics is so warped. And, y’know, their understanding of everything else.