Guess Where Thousands of Muslim Refugees Are Headed?

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The terrible havoc ISIS is wreaking in the Middle East is not only causing the deaths of thousands, it is also making tens of thousands of homeless refugees. Now, it seems the Obama Administration is taking action to provide new homes for these refugees. A new report tells where they are coming.  One News Now explains:

Potatoes aren’t the only thing growing in Idaho, as its Muslim population continues to rise following the Obama administration’s program calling for thousands of Islamic refugees to relocate to cities across the Gem State.

Fearing the outcome of Idaho becoming the next major haven and breeding ground for home-grown terrorists — similar to Minnesota (see OneNewsNow story “Obama orders America to ‘welcome’ millions of illegals, migrants”), criticism has fallen on Democratic Boise Mayor David H. Bieter, who is welcoming them all with open arms — despite the known security risks.

“Diversity isn’t a buzz word,” Bieter declared. “It’s our birthright.”

Beginning the next fiscal year (October 1), some 300 Muslim refugees, primarily from Syria, will arrive in Twin Falls, Idaho, the Twin Falls Times reports.

But this miniature exodus from the Middle East to the small southern Idaho town of 45,000 people is believed to be just the tip of the iceberg, according to WND, which indicates that many more refugees from Iraq, Syria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and likely Syria, are on their way. The conservative news site received reports that community leaders were told at a recent Boise State University conference held for “stakeholders” — including church groups and social service providers — that a couple thousand refugees are planned to a arrive statewide soon.

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That’s right – of all places, Idaho is the chosen location for potentially thousands of Middle Eastern Muslim refugees. 

This decision by Obama and his State Dept. has most people scratching their heads. Why not simply intervene in the Middle East and allow these people to stay in their homelands? 

Why Idaho? What is it about Idaho that makes it a good re-location spot for all these refugees? Is there already a huge Middle Eastern culture there?

Of course there isn’t.

So, what is Obama up to? Is this part of his attempt to flood the country with new Democrat voters? Is he intentionally opening the flood gates to potential terrorists?

One News Now speculates:

Even though Idaho isn’t a hotbed for jihadist refugees yet, like St. Cloud, Minnesota, the northwestern state has already seen rising terror threats.

“In May 2013, a 31-year-old Muslim refugee from Uzbekistan, Fazliddin Kurbanov, was indicted on terrorism charges for allegedly recruiting Muslims in Utah and teaching them to build bombs that would target public transportation and military bases,” WND’s Hohmann recounted. “The Russian-speaking Kurbanov is one of more than 650 Uzbeks who have been resettled in Idaho since 2003. He arrived in 2009.”

Court documents divulge that Kurbanov, who is still awaiting trial, shared with an informant prior to his arrest that his preference for a bombing would be a military base.

“For me the best … a military base,” Kurbanov confided to an FBI source in a secretly recorded conversation, according to Boise’s KTVB 7. “If I have every stuff … like bomb, like this and this one. I want to kill a lot of military or every. I don’t know, whatever.”

Hohmann reports that Kurbanov has numerous jihadist terror connections abroad.

Anyone with common sense realizes that some of the refugees will, in fact, be undercover terrorists coming here to cause mayhem.  It is a totally unnecessary risk to the American people.

If ISIS were quickly eliminated by the U.S. military, then all of these refugees could stay home and rebuild their lives.

But, please don’t expect a liberal, Democrat, socialist President to think like this.  It is too logical and it gives too much credit to our military.  And, after all, we can’t have the U.S. looking too good in the eyes of the world.  That just doesn’t fit Obama’s “fundamental transformation” narrative.

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