Gun Store Owner Makes Mistake of Advertising In California


A gun store owner and Marine veteran in San Diego is facing a barrage of criticism for advertising his sign – with a cardboard cutout of a gun.

He stands outside his small shop with a cartoonishly oversized cutout of an AR-15 flipping around like a sign to draw attention to his store.

But this is California – and people in California are apparently scared of everything.

Someone called the cops on him.

“It kind of frustrated me that someone would call and make a false statement like that knowing it is a cardboard sign that’s very flimsy,” said Brendon Von, who manages Firearms Unknown, is reporting.

“They thought it was a gun,” the reporter breathlessly reports. “They thought it was real.”

People interviewed seemed scared. “It looks like a machine gun,” one delicate woman said. “It looks real.”

Von said the cops asked him to stop or change the sign. Eventually they left when they realized what absolute nonsense it all is.

Von said he will continue to flip his sign – exercising both his First and Second Amendment rights.

“All the amendments matter. You hear about a lot of stuff today. You know this matters, that matters,” he said. “Well I matter and my rights matter. Every American matters.”

“I think he’s doing too much,” the terrified woman said. “But then, they do have the freedom to do that.”

Gee. Thanks.