HA! Every Liberal SJW Is Going To Be Wearing This Jacket Soon

Calvin Freiburger reports one might have expected Juli Briskman’s fifteen minutes of fame to have come and gone already after she got fired from her job at government contractor Akima LLC for being photographed flipping the bird to President Donald Trump’s motorcade. But to the Left, there’s no such thing as an act of partisan hatred too petty to make martyrdom out of — provided the target is right.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that liberals with apparently nothing better to do with their time have set up a GoFundMe page to “show your support” for Briskman, who got fired “for exercising her first amendment rights” (which sounds more noble than “got fired for publicly embarrassing an employer who has to maintain a working relationship with the administration she spewed hatred against”).

Oh, and the campaign managed to raise more than $100,000 goal in a little more than a week, from more than 4,500 donors:

Two of the largest donors are Rosie O’Donnell and an anonymous donor, who gave $1,000 and $1,500, respectively.

Briskman has spoken out multiple times since the incident, saying on MSNBC that she did not have any other way to vent her frustrations with the Trump administration.

“It was a spur-of-the-moment decision,” Briskman said. “Lots of things were going through my mind about how disappointed I am with this administration. I didn’t really have any other way to express my opinion to Mr. Trump, and so the finger was what I had at the time.”

Briskman also said that she would not go back to her old government contractor job at Akima LLC—which fired her for violating its rules against posting “obscene content”—because she does not believe the company shares her “values.”

Ah yes, your “values.” Akima LLC has contracted with the federal government since 2007, which means its worked with both Democrat and Republican administrations. Does Briskman sincerely think she was fired because her bosses are all Trump fans, or that they wouldn’t just as quickly have fired an employee who drew national attention for flipping a middle finger to Barack Obama’s motorcade?

To mature adults, “values” also means there’s such a thing as conducting one’s self like a professional, which means there are both acceptable and unacceptable ways of registering one’s political opinion in either direction. Briskman’s decision to throw a pity party instead of rationally own up to her actions only reinforces that Akima was right to determine she was no longer fit for employment with them.

This incident also raises the question of why liberals so often express their politics in such crude and juvenile ways. One Ricochet contributor hit the nail on the head back in 2014:

For liberals, cursing becomes the de rigueur tool for showing their superiority of emotion. The post-modern flight from rationalism coupled with a decline in emotional and verbal expression has led to a level of discourse where saying “I [expletive] hate Republicans for taking away my choice,” becomes a valid form of expression. Exclaiming how one [expletive] feels about something is the mode of communication of first and last resort.

And yet, rather than reacting to defeat by engaging in any self-reflection to rein in their most destructive impulses, the Left doubles down on all of it. Simply incredible.