HA! Why Trucks Are Better Than Prius…

Kimberly Morin writes the left still clings to the falsehoods told by scam scientists who push the global warming hoax climate change cult.

If the left had it their way, there would be no domestic animals for consumption; there would be no cars (you can’t have electric cars either because those batteries are environmental killers if you really want to get serious); there’d be no computers, cell phones, kayaks, or anything made with petroleum products – oh wait… that means no wind turbines or solar panels either. Essentially, if the left had their way about their climate change cultisms, we’d be living back in the dark ages.

One student in Canada has come up with a brilliant way to cut carbon emissions, and he doesn’t think there’s anything outrageous or out of the ordinary about it. From National Post:

For one person to have any real impact on climate change, it would take some major sacrifices: give up the car, stop eating meat, avoid transatlantic flights and, most importantly, have one fewer child than you had planned, according to a new study by a researcher at the University of British Columbia.

One of the biggest complaints by the researchers is that the propaganda curriculum taught to students doesn’t tell them to have less children when they are old enough. The propaganda books tell them how to conserve energy instead.

So why then, the study asks, do Canadian high school textbooks still tell students to do their part by merely hanging their laundry and recycling? Especially since recycling, upgrading light bulbs and hanging laundry doesn’t cut greenhouse gas half as much as skipping out on a single transatlantic flight.

The study, by UBC PhD student Seth Wynes and Prof. Kimberly Nicholas at Sweden’s Lund University, was published Tuesday in the journal Environmental Research Letters.

The research paper calls for education curriculum to be upfront about the real, often difficult, ways for individuals to reduce their footprints.

The worst part about this is they are serious. What’s even worse is the left-wing loons in Canada will probably start incorporating this into their climate change cult propaganda, because that’s how the left rolls. Facts be damned!