What Happened To Colin Kaepernick Is A Win For America

One of the few good things about the soon to end 2017 NFL season of discontent is that Colin Kaepernick never suited up once.

The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback may be a messianic figure to leftists (and mouthy ingrate multimillionaire football players), but he is a clueless heel and a colossal one at that.

Kaepernick‘s disciples and the liberal shills in the media spent months trying to bully NFL owners into giving a job to a guy who rendered himself radioactive with his anti-Americanism, his contempt for the police and his thinly disguised racism. He is an outspoken admirer of deceased communist dictator Fidel Castro and oozes admiration for groups like the Black Panther Party despite its violent history.

It was just too much for even the most liberal of NFL owners who wisely chose to not risk alienating their fans, cratering ticket sales and inviting a divisive influence into their locker rooms.

Despite a plague of quarterback injuries and a dearth of talent at the backup position, they all wisely passed on Kaepernick who quite frankly just isn’t that good to begin with.

Even the smack-talking Seattle Seahawks, a team that far-left Rolling Stone Magazine called ”the social justice warriors of the NFL” took a pass on bringing him onboard.

He did nearly land a gig with the Baltimore Ravens but the deal was sunk when his fanatical girlfriend, Nessa Diab, sent out a racist tweet depicting Ravens owner Steve Biscotti and former star player Ray Lewis as the house negro and plantation owner from the movie “Django Unchained” – whoops.

While his followers protested in his absence, the league paid a price for allowing players to flout the flag, spit on the troops, promote animosity towards police and spoil the game with their politics of racial grievance.

The NFL’s television ratings plunged, empty seats multiplied and a league that promoted itself as a patriotic entity took a hit to its brand from which it may never recover.

But Kaepernick never set foot on an NFL field in 2017 and that is a big win for America.

Via The Daily Caller ”Colin Kaepernick Not Playing In The NFL This Season Is A Win For America”:

We’re one day away from the NFL regular season finale, and Colin Kaepernick won’t have taken a single snap this season.

I think it’s very safe to say that Kaepernick not playing in the league after disrespecting this great country is a win for the USA.

The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback made a decision to not stand for the national anthem and it cost him. Actions have consequences, and when you do dumb things there is a price to be paid.

It has been really fun watching people freak out and complain all year that nobody will sign him. Why would any team want that guy on their roster? Give me one good reason.

The truth of the matter is that he is not worth the distraction that comes with him. He’s not good enough to start in the NFL anymore, so why would you sign a backup with that media circus? That’s not even factoring in the loss revenue from ticket sales that you might suffer. No owner on the planet is dumb enough to make that decision.

When Sunday’s games come to a close, the door will have been slammed shut on the malevolent influence of Kaepernick whose playing career is probably over.

He will never win a Vince Lombardi Trophy but he has been showered with honors by the liberal media. He was named as GQ magazine’s “Citizen of the Year” and Sports Illustrated gave him the “Muhammad Ali Legacy Award,” which was presented to him by anti-cop diva Beyoncé.

He may even have a Hollywood career in his future.

The NFL also quietly paid off the kneelers with an $89 million donation to black organizations to promote social justice warrior training.

The NFL may finally be rid of Kaepernick, but his toxic legacy will continue to linger.

Whatever happens, America won big when Kaepernick remained jobless for the year and the bullies and malcontents lost the battle of ideas.