HARD TRUTH About Why Gun Control is the DUMBEST IDEA Ever

Calvin Freiburger writes that liberals are very, very concerned about preventing future school shootings, or so they constantly tell us. They’re so concerned about it that they’re willing to make guns harder to acquire and carry for just about every law-abiding person. But heaven forbid they entertain the possibility that guns in the hands of good guys just might be part of the solution.

The Los Angeles Times reports that California’s far-left Democrat Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law that forbids public school administrators from authorizing school employees who possess concealed carry permits to carry firearms on school grounds:

State law already prohibited civilians who are not school workers from bringing firearms onto campuses, but a change in the law last year gave school district superintendents power to decide if employees could bring concealed weapons onto campuses, according to Assemblyman Kevin McCarty (D- Sacramento), who authored the bill.

Five California school districts — including the Kingsburg Joint Union and Kern school districts — have begun to issue authorizations for some school employees to bring guns on campuses, McCarty said. He said it has increased the chance of school shootings.

“A safe learning environment is essential for our children to be successful in the classroom,” McCarty said. “That’s not possible if a school district allows armed civilians to roam California school campuses.”

The report goes on to note that in making their case against the legislation, Second Amendment groups such as the National Rifle Association and the Firearms Policy Coalition pointed out that no school shootings in the state have ever involved school employees. Guns.com quotes FPC president Brandon Combs as putting the Democrats’ mistake more bluntly: “The Legislature and Governor Brown have made sure that no good people with guns will be close enough to stop an evil or insane person in the event of a serious attack.”

All of that is, of course, absolutely correct, and you don’t need to be a policy wonk to figure it out; you just need a modicum of common sense. But since when has sense ever guided the decisions of California politicians?

Of course, a concealed carry permit is not a guarantee that someone can handle themselves in a true life-or-death situation. But it’s simply ludicrous to suggest that the possibility of an armed teacher stopping a shooter isn’t worth pursuing, or that a chance of an armed teacher accidentally hitting a student would be worse than a shooter enjoying complete freedom to rampage.

Keep in mind that we’re not talking about letting random people bring guns to school. We’re talking about people whom the state of California has vetted, and deemed trustworthy to both handle firearms and see to the safety and education of children. The only good reason to not let these educators carry guns at school would be if the school district was wrong to hire them in the first place … which, given the appalling state of modern, Democrat-dominated public education, is entirely possible, but that also means that whether or not they have their guns at school is not the part of the process that needs to be changed.

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Hat Tip: The Daily Wire