Here’s Another BIG Reason to Get Rid of Your “Keurig” Besides Hannity; “IT’S GROSS”

One of our own TFPP writers reported this weekend that Fox News sponsors are distancing themselves from Fox News host Sean Hannity.

This comes after Hannity interviewed Alabama-Senate candidate Roy Moore to discuss the allegations of sexually harassing, abusing, and, sometimes dating, teenage girls.

Moore told Hannity that he didn’t “generally” remember dating any teenagers “without the permission of her mother” when he was in his 30s. Moore maintained his innocence and said he believes the “attacks” against him are politically motivated.

Predictably, Liberals were angry because Hannity did not immediately lynch Moore on the spot.

Instead, “Hannity urged his viewed on Fox last Thursday to not rush to judgement in the Moore Scandal” because, in Hannity’s words, “every single person in this country deserves the presumption of innocence.”

Liberals took to Twitter and did their favorite thing: complain. They directed their complaints to Hannity’s sponsors because they are supporting a “child molester.”

Keurig responded and stopped their ad from appearing during the Hannity show.

Conservatives responded accordingly and tweeted videos and pictures of them destroying their Keurig coffee makers on Twitter with the hashtag: #BoycottKeurig

According to Business Insider:

Social-media users on Sunday posted videos of themselves smashing their Keurig coffee makers, two days after the company said it would no longer advertise during Hannity’s show…

…Supporters of Hannity soon lashed out at Keurig on social media and began circulating the hashtag #BoycottKeurig. A few went as far as to record themselves destroying their coffee makers in an act of defiance.

But here is the REAL story. If Hannity isn’t enough to keep you from using your Keurig, maybe all of the bacteria and E.coli will.

None other than Huffington Post reported on this disgusting problem two years ago.

HuffPo writer Kate Bratskeir reported, “your Keurig coffee machine may be a bacteria breeding ground” and of the 29 coffee makers CBS stations tested, “more than half of the machines came back with bacteria counts in the millions.”

Indeed, one machine “contained 4.6 million colonies of bacteria and mold”. One even had E.coli present.

And, this past summer, Food & Wine magazine reported a similar story:

CBS stations in Chicago, Dallas and Pittsburgh all took swap samples from single cup coffee machines in their local area and sent what they collected off to the lab.

The results that returned featured all sorts of potentially harmful bacteria: pseudomonas aeruginosa, enterobacter, klebsiella, staph, e. coli, staphylococcus and streptococcus, to name a few.

The Dallas station said they found eleven different bacteria, as well as mold, across the ten machines they looked at.

Chicago and Pittsburgh both found relatively similar results.

So here is the question: who is still drinking Keurig coffee? Is there any good reason to do so?

They pander to whiny liberals, they assume people are automatically guilty at first accusation, and, their product is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

Who is getting rid of their Keurig today? Will you toss it in the garbage? Smash it with a hammer? Drop it from a window?

Let me count the ways you could destroy it!