Here’s How People Of Color From Around The World Respond To The Word ‘White’ [Watch]


Buzzfeed Australia posted a video in which people of color were asked to explain how they feel about the word “white.”

What comes to mind when you hear the word “white?” Most  people would say “weddings,” “clouds,” “snow” or “innocence.”

There are those, however, who were raised to believe that “white” refers to skin color, and that skin color allows special privileges not afforded to people of color.

Watch the video below:

“Privilege.” “Power.” “Access.” “Luxury.” “Not understanding.” “Naive.” “Arrogance.” These are some of the words used to describe white people, according to the subjects of this video.

It seems that if a video was made where white people from around the world were asked to explain how they feel about the word “black” or “brown,” and any of the words were negative or insulting, it would be deemed racist and activists would try to wipe it, its creators and the subjects off of the map.

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