Here’s The REAL Investigation Obama Should Be Conducting…


Robert Gehl reports Keith Olbermann has gone bye-bye.

The former sportscaster turned leftist commentator has slid down the rabbit hole to carnival barker in his latest rant for GQ Magazine.

Screaming and banging his fists on his desk, the 6:45-minute monologue is a conspiracy theorists’ dream – claiming that America is about to be taken over by Vladimir Putin via President-Elect Donald Trump and that action – one would assume some sort of violent action – must be taken now.

You can watch his seven-minute meltdown, but if you don’t need your smiles for the day, you can just read the nonsense:

We are at war with Russia–or perhaps more correctly, we have lost a war with Russia without a battle. We are no longer a sovereign nation; we are no longer a democracy; we are no longer a free people; we are the victims of a bloodless coup. So far a bloodless coup engineered by Russia with, at best, the traitorous indifference of the Republican Party, and Donald John Trump, a man who, to borrow a phrase from another December long ago, will live in infamy.

In five weeks’ time, unless desperate measures are taken, we will hand over the government to a man who lost the popular vote by more than Woodrow Wilson or Jimmy Carter won it. A man who the Russians wanted to run our country for them; a man who the Russians got to run our country for them; a man for whom the Russians interfered with our elections, which if we did it to another country would be described as an act of war. An in this country, we have conceded defeat. Some experts–John Kasich’s strategist, John Weaver, for one, have compared this to Pearl Harbor. Even the hard-right ex-congressman, Joe Walsh, says ‘Republican silence will be tantamount to treason.’ Some others too have proved courageous. Trump, self-destructive to the last, issued a childish statement mocking the CIA when, as Tim Dickinson of Rolling Stone noted, not denying anything.

But the vast majority of Republics have said nothing; and the vast majority of Democrats have said nothing; and the vast majority of the media have said nothing of substance; and the president has said nothing close to enough. The CIA, and FBI, and Homeland Security–the institutions whose interest in freedom we on the Left most frequently distrust–they have said something. They said it first to congressional and Senate Republicans in September. Dire warnings. Warnings that Mitch McConnell and other Republicans reportedly buried. Warnings that the Russians, using computer hacking, and perhaps other means, were not merely trying to discredit the election, but to achieve the specific outcome of electing their man, Trump.

And finally, at the very last hour, some of those who did those briefings, and some of those who received those briefings, leaked those details to The New York Times, to The Washington Post, CBS News, Reuters. In a torrent of anguished honesty, they said something. They said something as the president-not-elect began to veer towards appointing as Secretary of State, as our diplomatic face to the world, the CEO of Exxon, who four years ago received the Order of Friendship from Vladimir Putin.


They said something as the members of the Electoral College prepare to gather next Monday to finalize this coup. Some perhaps unaware that almost half the states that they represent permit them by law to vote for someone other than the candidate to whom they are pledged, and that only 38 of them need to do so to prevent this coup. They said something, as one especially chilling detail in one of the reports sailed by, that ‘the Russians hacked the Republican National Committee’s computer systems in addition to their attacks on Democratic organizations, but did not release any information that they gleaned from the Republican networks.’ It is a short leap from that conclusion, and it is anything but a conspiracy theory to be wondering if the Russians hacked the RNC and have kept what they found there to make sure Trump and the Republicans obey.

The President of the United States, who, at this rate, will be the last freely elected president of the United States, made, in his measured way, a small gesture last Friday that perhaps opened the door to these horrifying revelations of a coup by an outside power nearly complete. He asked for a full review–but we do not have time for a full review. Barack Obama has twice stood in front of America, in front of the world, in front of history and said: ‘I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.’ Today is the time for him to do so. He must immediately declassify and release all relevant materials held by the FBI, the CIA, DHS, and the other intelligence and security services in the White House, and anywhere else in government. And the Attorney General must immediately appoint a special prosecutor to investigate what Donald Trump knew, and when he knew it, and what, if any, collusive links exist now, or existed earlier between the Russian Federation and the Republican National Committee. If Trump does grab power, he can try to dismiss that special prosecutor, but he will at least have to get the courts to sanction him.

And most immediately, the intelligence briefing proposed today for the Electoral College, what the CIA and the others know, when they knew it, how much the Trump campaign knew; that must be conducted without delay and without redactions. There are no arguments of security or face-saving or intelligence secrecy or national interest that carry any weight now. How much worse can it get by telling American the unvarnished, unprocessed, unredacted truth about this coup? We are already on the precipice of losing the freedom and independence of the nation. He must tell us so that we may defend ourselves. He must tell the electors of the Electoral College so that microscopic as the chance may be, they can still prevent this cataclysm.

There is no time for a full review, or a measured analysis, or recommendations to prevent intervention in our future elections because permitting Donald Trump to assume the office of President reduces the chance that we will have any future elections. The nation, and all of our freedoms, hang by a thread, and the military apparatus of this country is about to be handed over to scum who are beholden to scum. Russian scum! As things are today, January 20 will not be an inauguration, but rather the end of the United States as an independent country. It will not be a peaceful change of power. It will be a usurpation, and the usurper has no validity, no credibility, and no authority under the Constitution. This is a reality that will become the only reality until this country rids itself of Donald John Trump. He is not a president, he is a puppet put in power by Vladimir Putin. And those who ignore these elemental, existential facts–Democrats or Republicans–are traitors to this country, and will immediately, and forever after, be held accountable. Resist. Peace.

Losing one’s mind is never a happy thing. Olbermann is clearly a smart person, but how he can be so incredibly wrong is baffling. This is what happens when you spend too much time hanging around Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders. It’s like a weird earwig gets into your brain and squeezes all the common sense out of it.