Here’s Who is Behind Anti-Trump Airport Protests… You Won’t Like It…


The group CAIR – Council on American-Islamic Relations, an Islamic group with close ties to terrorist organizations – has been fueling and launching protests across the country against President Trump’s recent executive actions on immigration.

They have also sponsored launching a series of lawsuits against the President.

The orders require a temporary halt to immigrants from seven countries that have been deeply infested by radical Islam and a temporary halt to all Syrian refugees, while the government sets up “extreme vetting” procedures.

The Council on Islamic Relations, which has been named a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates and has been named as an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas-led operation, has been working with other groups on the political Left like Planned Parenthood and The “Socialist Alternative” to foment disruption and chaos across the country.

On Saturday, the day after President Trump’s executive order, demonstrations and protests broke out at airports and other places around the country.

CAIR is actively involved in organizing and encouraging the protests.

CAIR is all over this show … ABC reports in Chicago about the group’s involvement:

At least one person was detained at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago today, and it is expected that she will return to Saudi Arabia, according to the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Sahar Alghnimi, a Syrian woman who came to the U.S. on tourist visa to see her mother who had just undergone cancer surgery, was detained when she arrived from Saudi Arabia at 8:48 AM on Eithad Airlines, CAIR Chicago executive director Ahmed Rehab told ABC News.

And Time Magazine reports of protests at New York City’s Washington Square Park:

The demonstration, led by the New York Chapter of the Center for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) was hastily organized in response to Trump’s executive orders restricting immigration from Muslim countries and efforts to curb undocumented immigration within the U.S. On Wednesday, Trump green-lighted the construction of a wall along the southern border, ordered the Department of Homeland Security to build more detention centers, and ended federal grant funding to so-called “sanctuary cities” that refuse to cooperate with federal anti-immigration efforts.

Monday, CAIR held a “Texas Muslim Capitol Day,” encouraging Muslims from around the state to descend on Austin and meet with their lawmakers about “Islamophobia.”

H/T: Breitbart