Here’s Why So Many Are Rushing to Get Their Tattoos Removed

Latinos in California are reportedly having their tattoos removed because of the possibility that ICE agents could use them to check whether or not they’re here legally.

CBS San Francisco reported:

An East Bay tattoo removal clinic says they’ve treated a record number of clients since the election.

Some in the Latino community worry ICE agents will use their tattoos as an excuse to stop them and check immigration status.

The number of customers has doubled. Typically, people go in to remove an ex-lover’s name or get rid of tattoos for job interviews.

But the fear of deportation is a new reason […]

There’s no evidence suggesting ICE agents are targeting people based on tattoos but people with gang ties or criminal backgrounds are at risk.

“A lot of people don’t want to be a moving target or even seen as a target,” Nora Ruiz of the San Pablo Economic Development Corporation explained. “And for fear that they might be seen as a certain type of person or judged in anyway, people want to get their tattoos removed.”

If you’re here legally, there wouldn’t be any reason for concern. While there could be truth in that someone may not want to even appear as such to others via their tattoos, you wouldn’t fear deportation by the feds if you were in fact in the country legally.

Fortunately, there are many other ways to suss out who is and isn’t here legally, and hopefully President Trump will push for that.

The president has already begun to do so and has publicly shamed so-called “sanctuary cities” that flout federal law and harbor illegal aliens.

Trump spoke at length on the campaign trail about enforcing the laws already on the books, which is precisely what needs to happen.

We already have the laws — we just need to enforce them.

While Trump is off to a good start, and undoubtedly has a lot on his plate, there will hopefully be more to come in dealing with those that are here illegally, and not just the ones that commit another crime on top of their initial crime of breaking our immigration laws.