Hero ISIS-Killing Sniper Racks Up His 100th Kill


Having racked up his 100th ISIS kill, he is one of the most successful snipers in the British armed forces.

The latest kill, Express is reporting, is a “high-value target” in the terrorist organization, in the battle for Mosul to secure the city. The British forces are fighting with US and Iraqi forces to secure the city.

The sniper is also a veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and dozens of previous targets were also ISIS fighters.

The latest – 100th shooting – took place as the Iraqi special forces were being supported by small teams of British special forces. Shortly before the sniper kill drones dropped two 500lb bombs inside the compound, killing dozens of militants.

The ones who survived the airstrike tried to flee in vehicles and the ISIS commander who tried to escape was identified by the sniper through his telescopic sight and shot dead. He used an M82 light .50 rifle, which can fire a round from 1,800 meters.

A source told the Daily Star: “The sniper had a two-second window to shoot the ISIS commander.

“He took the shot and the bullet almost cut the terrorist in half. He was dead before he hit the floor.

“The sniper came to Iraq with around 60 kills but in the last few weeks there has been a lot of killing and he lost count of the number of terrorists he had put in the ground.”

After the attack the SAS man withdrew with his team to a base south of Mosul.

The Pentagon has credited “American Sniper” Chris Kyle with more than 150 kills during his service as a Navy Seal.