Hertz Cancel ‘Hundreds’ of Car Reservations Weeks Before Eclipse

The solar eclipse is going to be a huge event. So huge that the Oregon government is planning for one million people to come to the Portland, Oregon area in hopes of catching a glimpse.

With so many people traveling from out of town, hotels and car rental services have greatly hiked up their prices – some hotels are charging as much as $1,500 a night during the special weekend.

Hertz car rental tried to capitalize on the hype by advertising their services for the event on their blog. They even took it further with a break down of the exact times and locations that are best to experience the total eclipse.

Travelers quickly snatched up the services, placing car reservations months in advance of the August 21 eclipse.

However, for many of the prepared travelers, their advance reservations counted for nothing.

Now, two weeks before the eclipse, Hertz placed robocalls to “several hundred” people who had reserved cars – many of them months in advance – to inform them that their reservation had been cancelled due to severe overbooking.

Many people have taken to social media to express their anger that the car they had reserved was no longer available. Some who had received the calls even said that when they looked back at the site to make reservations, the price had jumped from $300 for the weekend to $3,000 – infuriating people even more at the price gouge, and leading some to think that Hertz is dropping reservations so they can hike up prices.

Hertz is trying to do damage control. In a statement to Inc., a Hertz spokesperson said:

“We are reaching out to those customers this week to let them know that we are bringing in additional fleet from outside areas to fulfill as many customer reservations as we can.”

With the recent announcement, there may still be hope for some.

However, while overbooking exists so companies don’t lose money when people cancel their bookings last minute, many people often get screwed over from this method.

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H/T Fox News